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a large ax with a broad cutting blade

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Broadax and Bayonet: The Role of the United States Army in the Development of the Northwest, 1815-1860.
Focused on its primary mission to provide state-of-the-art computer systems for mobile and industrial computing needs, Broadax Systems Inc.
En la decada de 1990, bajo el estimulo de la reunion de Rio, continuo el surgimiento de importantes aportes como el de Fernando Tudela titulado Desarrollo y medio ambiente en America Latina: Una vision evolutiva, auspiciado por el gobierno espanol; de Guillermo Castro se publico Los trabajos de ajuste y combate: Naturaleza y sociedad en America Latina, dos tomos con recopilaciones hechas por Bernardo Garcia y Maria del Rosario Prieto; Plaga de ovejas: consecuencias ambientales de la conquista de Mexico de Elinor Melville y, ademas, un nuevo texto de Warren Dean, With Broadax and Firebrand, The Destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
DEAN, Warren, Wlith Broadax and Firebrand, The Destruction of the Bra ilian Atlantic Forest, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1995.
77) DEAN, Warren, IFith Broadax and Firebrand The Destruction of the Brazilian AtlanticForest Berkeley University of California Press, 1995; FUNES MONZONTE, Reinaldo, De Bosque a Sabana.
Miller's frequent allusions to Dean are surprising since this book is different in so many ways from Dean's With Broadax and Firebrand (Berkeley, 1995).
Split Shingle--A rough, flat, roofing shingle, split from a shingle bolt, usually by a broadax or a froe; a shake.
Accompanied with a few illustrations on how to hew and a couple of axes, neither of which was a broadax, we attempted to create timbers.
And although I now hew with a broadax, all that I have described above was done with a Kent ax, which has a cutting bit no different than a felling ax.
All others, including the broadax, become aids in the process but they're not essential for doing the task.
Perhaps this is because I learned to hew with a standard bit ax rather than the broadax, but ironically, I now own and use two broadaxes and have found my stance unchanged when using them.
Again I repeat it is not necessary to use a broadax to hew.
That is why the traditional broadax has no bevel on its inner surface but is flat like a chisel.
Focused on its primary mission to provide advanced technology computer systems for mobile and industrial computing needs, Broadax Systems, Inc.