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Synonyms for broadax

a large ax with a broad cutting blade

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Turner struck the first blow with the hatchet, and a broadax wielded by the hand of a raiding party member finished the deed.
Broadax and bayonet; the role of the United States Army in the development of the Northwest, 1815-1860.
Powered by either a Pentium III or 4 processor, the FieldGo R9 ultra rugged, multi-slot portable PC workstation from Broadax Systems is designed for arduous field environments.
he FieldGo R9 is a new computer designed by Broadax Systems Inc.
Logger californicus is represented by a display of hobnailed boots, a broadax, and a cant hook.
In lumber camps, blacks performed the heaviest work but were not allowed to cut railroad ties: "It is not well," explained one owner, "to encourage them to use the broadax.
Focused on its primary mission to provide state-of-the-art computer systems for mobile and industrial computing needs, Broadax Systems Inc.
Miller's frequent allusions to Dean are surprising since this book is different in so many ways from Dean's With Broadax and Firebrand (Berkeley, 1995).