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Webb, M.D., from the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, and colleagues evaluated the effect of broad-spectrum antibiotics on outcomes for 1,995 adults with community-onset pneumonia admitted to the hospital from four U.S.
Attributes: SEA-NINE 21 IN Marine Antifouling Agent for use in marine paint formulations offers broad-spectrum protection against a wide array of fouling organisms without harming marine environments.
There was a suggestion of a dose-response relationship for both narrow- and broad-spectrum antibiotics because only at the higher antibiotic exposures did increased BMI-z reach statistical significance.
After adjustments for age, sex, race, urinary tract infection, other medications and other medical conditions, patients who received sulfa drugs were more than twice as likely as those not exposed to antibiotics to have kidney stones; for broad-spectrum penicillins, the increased risk was 27 percent higher.
Approximately half (51.8 percent) of all preventive antibiotic prescriptions were for broad-spectrum antibiotics.
Once Escalol S UV filter is approved for use in the US by FDA, formulators will have expanded ingredient options to use in their broad-spectrum products, giving consumers added protection from the sun's harmful and skin damaging rays.
It is also broad-spectrum, which means it protects again all UV rays.
The study found that in cases of both complicated and uncomplicated appendicitis, rates of hospital readmission were consistently lower for children prescribed narrow-spectrum antibiotics versus broad-spectrum ones.
Carbapenems are a group of antibiotics that had broad-spectrum activity when first introduced.
62% of children had at least one exposure to narrow-spectrum antibiotics and 41% to broad-spectrum antibiotics.
Polyphase[R] 963, a broad-spectrum fungicide + algaecide for solvent-based wood applications, is the focus of technical information released by Troy Corporation.
The new SORTEX MC brings together broad-spectrum lighting, bichromatic cameras, a further enhanced InGaAs system plus their PROfile shape detection technology.
Most common broad-spectrum antibiotics, like conventional mouthwash, indiscriminately kill both benign and harmful pathogenic organisms and only do so for a 12-hour time period.
The arrival in 1996 of Bt cotton, engineered with the Bacillus thuringiensis gene to produce moth-killing proteins, gradually eliminated the need to spray broad-spectrum insecticides for caterpillar pests like the pink bollworm.
Redermic [+] UV Intensive Daily Anti-Wrinkle Firming Fill-In Care with SPF 25, meanwhile, is the first wrinkle-filling treatment with broad-spectrum protection.