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Once Escalol S UV filter is approved for use in the US by FDA, formulators will have expanded ingredient options to use in their broad-spectrum products, giving consumers added protection from the sun's harmful and skin damaging rays.
The study found that in cases of both complicated and uncomplicated appendicitis, rates of hospital readmission were consistently lower for children prescribed narrow-spectrum antibiotics versus broad-spectrum ones.
An increased risk of childhood obesity was observed with greater antibiotic use, particularly for children with 4 or more exposures, when examining all antibiotics or broad-spectrum drugs only.
BCX4430 is the lead compound in BioCryst's broad-spectrum antiviral (BSAV) research programme, which aims to develop broad-spectrum parenteral and oral therapeutics for viruses that pose a threat to national health and security.
Based on the FDA test, the labels of broad-spectrum sunscreens with an SPF of at least 15 can state that, when used properly and with other protective measures, the products can help reduce the risk of skin cancer and the signs of premature aging.
This broad-spectrum fungicide is optimized for use in dry-film applications.
Ceftobiprole (BAL5788), Basilea's lead antibacterial product is the first cephalosporin antibiotic with both anti-MRSA and broad-spectrum activity in late-stage clinical trials.
For suspected ESBLs, the MICs of broad-spectrum cephalosporins were determined by using the agar dilution method.
For Clavamox, it was this: Your clients trust you and you can trust Clavamox because its broad-spectrum treatment gets results the first time.
Given the likelihood that a woman whose infection has failed to respond to broad-spectrum antibiotics probably has an infected pelvic mass, it makes sense to routinely search for such a mass in nonresponders.
TORONTO -- When empirically treating community-acquired pneumonia, which is best: a broad-spectrum or a narrow-spectrum antibiotic?
All patients were treated with intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics and humid Wed oxygen, and two-thirds received intravenous corticosteroids.
A significant emphasis of the contract solicitation is to aid in the development of broad-spectrum therapies able to demonstrate effectiveness against multiple bioterror pathogens and toxins.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Black children were less likely than nonblack children to receive an otitis media diagnosis and, when treated for otitis media, were less likely to receive a broad-spectrum antibiotic, national survey data showed.