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Whilst needing to be validated by further studies, the results of this study suggest that the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics in an outpatient, primary care setting before the age of 24 months may be associated with increased risk of childhood obesity.
Some sunscreens with an SPF in the 2-14 range that pass the FDA's broad-spectrum test can be labeled as such, she said, but they will not be able to make claims related to skin cancer protection or anti-aging protection, according to the FDA rules.
Extended broad-spectrum [beta]-lactamases conferring transferable resistance to newer [beta]-lactam agents in Enterobaeteriaceae: hospital prevalence and susceptibility patterns.
2) Initial antibiotic coverage should entail broad-spectrum antibiotics until cultures can be obtained.
offers safe, broad-spectrum effectivness and is the first choice for common infections.
Bonus Answers will vary but may include the following: broad-spectrum sunscreen labeled SPF 15 or higher, beach umbrella, flip-flops, water, UV-proof sunglasses, wide-brim hat, light-color clothing.
One is continued intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy.
Based on pre-clinical data and human treatment experience, I believe our Hemopurifier[R] is the most advanced broad-spectrum treatment for viral pathogens identified as bioterror threats," stated James A.
BASF has rolled out Z-Cote LSA, its latest inorganic, broad-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) light filter.
Providers should remind patients to look for products SPF 30 or above, with broad-spectrum protection.
Solithromycin is a clinical-stage fluoroketolide antibiotic with potent and broad-spectrum activity against gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, including multidrug-resistant strains, non-bacterial pathogens such as Plasmodium falciparum and a variety of bio-defense pathogens including Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis, Burkholderia mallei and Francisella tularensis.
No truly new classes of orally active, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents have been discovered since quinolones.
All patients were treated with intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics and humid Wed oxygen, and two-thirds received intravenous corticosteroids.
In my last letter, I detailed a rationale for federal biodefense programs to shift focus towards broad-spectrum therapeutics, as such therapies offer the ability to treat multiple strains of different pathogens.
Croda offers the Solaveil SpeXtra products, a range of broad-spectrum UV absorbers that provide this protection along with great skin feel, according to the company.