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Synonyms for broad-shouldered

having broad shoulders

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"This is a demanding club to play for and you have to be broad-shouldered enough to deal with it, and by and large I think they have done that."
need to keep what get "It's th"This is a demanding club to play for and you have to be broad-shouldered Jack Ross
Tory Scottish Secretary David Mundell said: "This illustrates the value of being part of a strong, broad-shouldered UK."
He was a fit young man of say 28 years, with a soldier's broad-shouldered physique.
The things we all need to build strong, responsible considerate and broad-shouldered citizens.
The 325CC is the broad-shouldered brother of the new 5 Series from Everglades Boats.
Played by Yolande Moreau, the painter, who died in 1942, is a broad-shouldered housemaid who spends her mornings scrubbing floors and her evenings creating still lives that entrance to this very day.
The only shadows cast are from broad-shouldered oaks and buzzards that wheel on the thermals above.
He was aged 26-30, of medium build, broad-shouldered and with floppy, blonde hair.
"It was about as big as I was, but it seemed bigger." Given the broad-shouldered source, that's more than just a description of physical scale.
Next morning, we met our tour group: Noel, an Australian with a quick smile and no previous travel experience, who was embarking on a yearlong trip around the world; Bob, a broad-shouldered Mormon in a sailing T-shirt, who resembled "Mr.
It's a crime that has turned Mexico into a private police state where broad-shouldered, unsmiling men wearing dark suits and sunglasses are hired to form human walls"--to protect that nation's corrupt but powerful elite, that is, not its long-suffering citizenry at large.
"But, having said that, I cannot hide my admiration for the incredibly broad-shouldered way they've accepted and dealt with what's going on.
"I don't think so." That's the message coming from the 6-foot-plus, broad-shouldered parishioner in his Sunday best The closer I get the more I risk having my head knocked clean off.
"If you look at the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted suit he created for Joan Crawford, we see that today, we saw it in the '80s, and we saw it in the '90s," says Kwok-Gabel.