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Synonyms for broad-minded

Synonyms for broad-minded

not narrow or conservative in thought, expression, or conduct

Synonyms for broad-minded

incapable of being shocked


inclined to respect views and beliefs that differ from your own

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"I am free," he said, "to draw a triangle if I give it three sides, but not, in a stroke of broad-mindedness, 57 sides." Bishop Sheen held to a "narrow" definition of "triangle," without which the word would have no meaning--like the modern, broad-minded "interpretation" of marriage.
As a father and grandfather, I consider myself to be broad-minded, but I do consider that these actions do nothing to give our children any form of respect in the use of the English language!
Publications like ours are committed by tradition and purpose to broad-minded, inclusive coverage of the world of letters....
"I congratulate universities for their broad-minded acceptance of the new qualification."
Owner of The Players Lounge, Jo Doyle said: "I am sure Jodie will not be fussed whether the winner is a man or woman, she is a pretty broad-minded. I know she is looking forward to coming back to Tamworth after she opened the club last year.
After enjoying a buffet dinner at the Simon Fraser University Diamond Centre and seeing the CIC 2nd and 3rd Year Awards in Chemistry presentation (see page 29), over 60 members were treated to an informative, entertaining, and broad-minded lecture by Ged McLean, founder, president and CTO of Angstrom Power Inc., a Vancouver-based company spearheading micro-fuel cell technology.
Many students can benefit from taking academic subjects, as this often helps to develop a broad-minded approach.
Another broad-minded netizen wrote: "I don't understand why in China sex scenes have to be cut out while in the West people just show it."
I thought I was quite broad-minded, but this really shocked me and I haven't returned his calls since.
In an easy-to-read layout with photos, fact boxes, and thought-provoking chapter titles ("Is it ever 'just a joke'?"), racial issues are viewed from a broad-minded approach.
An osteopath accused of sexually assaulting a client said he showed her a photograph of his private parts because he thought she was 'broad-minded'.
The author writes frankly about the usefulness of "Webb's relatively broad-minded spirit, his frank opposition to fanaticism, and his lasting civic commitment" [15] for those seeking to craft a synthesis between American and Muslim identities in a post-9/11 United States.
But it's the broad-minded people of Key West, residents and visitors alike, that make the town unforgettable.
Cameron may be anti-Punch and Judy but now the broad-minded public are left in no doubt that its David who is the real puppet!