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having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves

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This somewhat gawky shrub grows 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, Plant it in front of fine-textured evergreens or tuck one among broad-leafed evergreens.
Two years ago, Whitham described similar results from an eight-year study conducted along the Weber River in northern Utah, where he compared concentrations of gall aphids among narrow-and broad-leafed cottonwoods and their hybrids.
When the salt has dissolved, spray or wipe it on to broad-leafed weeds such as ground elder, but don't let it spread to other plants, as it will kill those too.
He said it was intended to plant a mix of broad-leafed species such as holly, hawthorn, beech, oak and rowan during the coming year.
In lawns you must use a selective weedkiller to kill just broad-leafed weeds and not your precious grass!
Combines well with other grasses and broad-leafed plants, or with boulders in rock gardens.
The broad-leafed French sorrel has a marvellous sharp, slightly vinegary taste, and American land cress is a superb substitute for water cress.
Local schoolchildren planted 4,000 broad-leafed trees alongside Pontburn Woods to create Ajax Wood which will commemorate HMS Ajax, one of Nelson's ships which fought at Trafalgar.
As it is selective it has no effect on the lawn but will control all broad-leafed weeds.
Common Chinese leek plants have fairly narrow leaves (there's also a broad-leafed type) and produce white flowers in late summer.
Bunching onions, and broad-leafed, common, and Chinese leek flowers.
This behavior is common in broad-leafed trees such as aspen and black oak, but a deciduous conifer is almost a contradiction in terms.
An ornate pot should contain a simple planting--a broad-leafed foliage plant, for example.
Two disks (herbaceous perennials, and deciduous trees and shrubs) cover 1,500 plants each; two more (broad-leafed trees and shrubs, and conifers) have 1,000 entries each.
Other suggested ingredients are chervil, various chicories (curly endive, broad-leafed endive or escarole, radicchio), and lettuces, especially loose-leaf and romaine types.