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a rectangular block of hewn stone used for building purposes

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The main doors to Dumfries House now opened on to the top of a broad stone staircase with views over a central pond and fountain, with parterres to either side, all separated by gravel carriageways.
A good-sized portion of a room-wide bank of floor-to-ceiling windows on the opposite wall from the fireplace slides open to a broad stone terrace.
Sitting on a broad stone bench, with natural light warming the concrete walls, looking at those monumental, intensely beautiful paintings, was like visiting some ideal world.
A broad stone paved path opens to a secluded terrace centred around a circular camomile bed alongside a stone chipped area with natural stone water feature.
Whatever the reason, he completed much of the landscaping, and the foundation opens up a view to the Great Lawn, cascading from a terrace with a balcony and several broad stone steps.
Near us, above the broad stone steps, stone urns overflowed with tiny frothy white flowers and dark green foliage.
Lovely Sr., playing bagpipes with his young son at his side, led a small procession to the place where names of the dead are listed on six broad stone pillars.
Pilgrims are required to cast 49 pebbles against three broad stone pillars over two or three days, marking Abraham's three rejections of the devil's attempts to persuade him to sacrifice his son, against God's instructions.
The stoning -- casting 49 pebbles against the three broad stone pillars over two or three days -- mark Abraham's three rejections of the devil's attempts to persuade him to ignore God's instructions to sacrifice his son Ishmael, as related in Islam's holy book the Quran.
The court also heard the Garda reconstructed a journey from Murphy's Quarry to Broad stone bus depot at Constitution Hill where O'Reilly told officers he was on the morning of October 4.
Minor personalities such as Kenelm Digby, the author of a celebration of chivalry in The Broad Stone of Honour (1825), jostle the big names such as Sir Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, and William Makepeace Thackeray.
While in the square that very day, I noticed that there were still tank track marks on the broad stone steps that form part of the square.