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Louis, the court gave a broad interpretation to the phrase "substantially the same specialty."<br />For another, she wrote, it doesn't have to be a single person because "Missouri law expressly provides the singular includes the plural unless otherwise stated."<br />"Any requirement in this case that the entire breach of standard of care and causation be proven by a single expert appears to have been self-imposed," Stith wrote.<br />Stith also noted that, because Hink failed to file an affidavit at all, any arguments about its potential deficiencies were speculative.<br />In a separate opinion, Chief Justice Zel M.
Despite this broad interpretation given to the term 'integrity of Pakistan', the criteria that reasonable restrictions must be imposed by 'law' is not fulfilled.
He believes that if the court takes up political cases then it should avoid broad interpretation when there is no clear bar in the law or Constitution.
A broad interpretation of the provision defining the taxpayer category, according to some employers, will cause major problems for all while not benefiting the budget in any way.
Rather than being too specific to any one story, this is a broad interpretation of something that's magical and fantastical and can lend itself to lots of interpretation in any number of ways design-wise.
The implication of this broad interpretation is that almost all health-related or social-science research involves a human participant.
'This opens the Proclamation to broad interpretation, misinterpretation and confusion with incalculable adverse consequences to lives, limbs and civil liberties of people and has dire implications on the people,' petitioners said.
The Nurses' Award 2010 now has a broad interpretation of nursing work.
The Kornfelds could be shielded from prosecution if the state's medical board decides on a broad interpretation of federal and state laws that exempt some situations where doctors are administering emergency medical care.
The justification presented by the EEOC is that previous judicial precedents have covered same-sex harassment or harassment based on perceptions of a worker's "failure to conform to gender stereotypes." Yet even that broad interpretation is technically about sex, not sexual orientation.
From the Chamber consider that article 211 has broad interpretation which doesn't equally apply for the public and private sector, and gives unequal treatment to companies which are inferior.
Under a broad interpretation, the disclosure law might even be used to block public access to footage from the body cameras that officers are increasingly asked to wear to monitor their conduct, warned a report last year by the New York State Committee on Open Government, which advises government, the public and the news media on freedom of information and privacy matters.
This is supported by the fact that as a result of the court's broad interpretation of Article 3 of the UAE Civil Code, concerning public policy, a number of awards settling property disputes have been refused.