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He believes that if the court takes up political cases then it should avoid broad interpretation when there is no clear bar in the law or Constitution.
This is supported by the fact that as a result of the court's broad interpretation of Article 3 of the UAE Civil Code, concerning public policy, a number of awards settling property disputes have been refused.
Vagias's argument for a broad interpretation of the statutory language is legally compelling.
Supreme Court, have given federal fair housing laws a broad interpretation and have invalidated a wide range of municipal licensing, zoning and other regulatory practices.
NIAC said, "The university's actions constitute an overly broad interpretation of its obligations under sanctions.
The CPJ's statement on Tuesday explained, "Turkey's penal code and anti-terror law -- applied individually and in combination -- allow for broad interpretation of what constitutes terrorism or affiliation with terrorist groups, according to CPJ research.
While expressions such as protecting "family values" and "morals" are used in a number of recent legislative initiatives, no clear definitions of them have been laid down, thus allowing for broad interpretation.
The broad interpretation has been that it is 'hospitality of any kind' - but it has to be given freely.
From a design perspective, the book looks at how a broad interpretation of making and attention to issues of feasibility and sustainability can inspire better aesthetics.
This Note contends that remedial legislation like Dodd-Frank should be broadly interpreted to further its purpose, that a broad interpretation of Section 922 is consistent with the text, structure, and legislative history of Dodd-Frank, and that courts unable to resolve the apparent conflict in this section should defer to the SEC's administrative expertise and interpretation.
protested in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder that the American people would be "stunned" to learn of the court's broad interpretation of the government's power to seize records under Section 215, the business records section of the PATRIOT Act.
The case centred on interpretation of the 1972 Equal Pay Act and the court supported a broad interpretation of the Act.