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a railroad track (or its width) broader than the standard 56

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"I had done an inspection of the single broad gauge railway line from Belonia to Sabroom of 38 Kilometers consisting of 4 stations and 3 block stations.
It will provide a direct broad gauge route to the project area which may boost the economic development of the region.
The minister said that railways was bound to purchase locomotives on high prices due to broad gauge, adding that he wanted to eliminate this monopoly.
The contract involves construction of two tunnels at chainage from Km.18660 to Km.19600, and from Km.23370 to Km.29990 with ballastless track & construction of road bed from Km.17/0 to Km.35/0 including earthwork in formation, major & minor bridges for new Broad Gauge Railway Line (Obulavaripalle to Venkatachalam) in Kadapa and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh in South Central Railway.
Mr Karunanidhi on Monday evening Inaugurated a Broad Gauge Line(BGL) between Nagapattinam and Velankanni through videoconferencing at the Secretariat here, said the projects such as Athipattu-Puthur, Erode-Palani and Chennai-Cuddalore through Mamallapuram, the conversion of Madurai-Bodinayackanur meter gauge into broad gauge, third line for Chennai Beach-Korrukkupet, fourth line between the Beach and Athipattu, another such line for Tiruvallur-Arakkonam and Villupuram-Dindigul double line were announced in the budget earlier.
As compared to broad gauge, which is 5 feet 6 inches, the standard gauge is much narrower at 4 feet 8.5 inches.
The Fed's balance sheet -- a broad gauge of its lending to the financial system -- shrank to $2.036 trillion on Wednesday from $2.062 trillion on June 3.
The new ICF FrigoRail service uses 20 WAF26ei-type refrigerated rail cars that can operate on both Spanish broad gauge and standard European gauge lines and accommodate 32 Euro pallets each with a maximum load of 28.3 tons.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 03 (ANI): The Indian Railways has eradicated as over 3,400 Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLC) on broad gauge routes in the past seven months.
He declared that right now Pakistan Railways has broad gauge but gradually it will be changed into standard gauge.
The minister said that right now, PR has broad gauge but gradually it will be changed into standard gauge.
The rest 100 broad gauge coaches will be purchased under the Padma Bridge Railway Connectivity Project.
At present, Pakistan Railways is based on the broad gauge which means that the internal width between the track is five feet and six inches.
Financial information company Markit said Wednesday its monthly purchasing managers' index a broad gauge of business activity fell to 53.9 points in September from 54.3 the previous month.