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an arrowhead mark identifying British government property

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a mark shaped like an arrowhead

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an arrow with a wide barbed head

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At the time, seeing it and calling Bob (Park) over to let him know what I had found behind a rock, his first words were 'This is a good find' and then Stenton came over, to do his investigation and he spotted the two (Royal Navy) broad arrows .
By using continuous process improvement best practices, broad arrow reports are now routed to the appropriate signatories in less than two hours instead of the two days it used to take.
Bowyer, Brick, Martin, Constable, Broad Arrow, Salt, Lanthorn, Wakefield, Bell, Beauchamp, Devereaux and Flint?
This kukri was issued in World War I to British Gurkha regiments and each blade bears World War I dates and a British war department broad arrow.
Bryant shot dead 35 people and wounded 19 others in the Broad Arrow Caf at the tourist attraction of Port Arthur, a former penal colony.
Once there, after hours of waiting, they were strip-searched and made to take a bath (the baths, Sylvia wrote, were 'indescribably dirty' and the water 'clouded with the scum of previous occupants') and then dress in scratchy prison clothes, stamped in black with the broad arrow.
At the top of High Street is a large 18th-century house, now shops, but formerly the Crown and Broad Arrow coaching house where, it is reputed, Dick Turpin used to tend to his horse - but I am sure I have heard that one before in at least half dozen other English towns.
She and 19 others died as the 28-year-old gunman let loose a hail of bullets in the crowded Broad Arrow cafe in Port Arthur.
But the young girl died - along with 19 others in the Broad Arrow Cafe in Port Arthur, Tasmania.
In colonial days, a fine was imposed for cutting the species on public land, and surveyors for the king of England marked trees with an "R" or broad arrow to warn against cutting.
Tenders are invited for Armouring Of Vehicle Broad Arrow Number 09b 101913x Maruti Gypsy Of 42 Rr Bn (Assam) Out Of Eme Support Grant During Financial Year 2017-18
A: Well, of course the most tempting answer would be the "RFC" markings stand for "Royal Flying Corps, " but as the revolver has no British proofs or Broad Arrow markings, unfortunately any official-issue use by that unit seems remote.
They still bear white cloth labels showing Broad Arrow.
The plan was prepared by a licensed forester, Roger Plourde of Broad Arrow Forestry, in conjunction with the Hubbardston Conservation Commission and Open Space Committee.
They were frozen in death in a macabre tableau in the Broad Arrow cafe.