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Synonyms for broach

bring up


Synonyms for broach

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

Synonyms for broach

a decorative pin worn by women

Related Words

bring up a topic for discussion

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Studies examining the effects of race and culture on the counseling process, particularly when counselors and clients are dissimilar, have largely confirmed that broaching issues of race, ethnicity, and culture can enhance rapport and counselor credibility (Chang & Yoon, 2015; Zhang & Burkard, 2008).
Cultural broaching has been defined as "introducing the subjects of race, ethnicity and culture during the counseling process .
His son, Francis Lapointe, founder of American Broach of Michigan, is known as "the father of modern broaching.
Striving to reduce the number of loose parts and simplify the assembly process, broaching spacers or nuts have been popular by virtually removing handling issues altogether.
The continuum of broaching behavior is a conceptual framework explicating how counselors broach or have explicit discussions about racial, ethnic, and cultural factors with their clients during treatment (Day-Vines et al.
The lubricants are chlorine-free and come in three different viscosity grades, designed for applications such as broaching, gear manufacturing, and tapping.
The tooling is water-cooled and does not harden the material, like many other broaching or keyseating machinery.
More specifically, we present an empirically supported rationale and conceptual framework for broaching or introducing the subjects of race, ethnicity, and culture during the counseling process.
shank, 12 mm shank, and 22 mm shank--of the adjustment free rotary broaching tool holder.
of Clinton Township, MI is now offering its new Adjustment Free Rotary Broaching Tool Holder in four sizes: .
The electronics industry increasingly seeks fastener attachment that will reduce hardware requirements and promote specific functions, and broaching fasteners offer practical alternatives to traditional "loose" hardware.
Jennifer Watson, a clinical psychologist who works with the Northridge MS Center and the Alzheimer's Association, suggests broaching the conversation at a time when family members are relaxed.
Also available is the STP-HS tool presetting and measuring system, which is specifically developed For handling turn and turn/turn broaching tools [such as those used For producing crankshafts].
But broaching this sensitive topic doesn't have to be difficult.