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Synonyms for broach

bring up


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Synonyms for broach

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

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Synonyms for broach

a decorative pin worn by women

Related Words

bring up a topic for discussion

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Special awareness campaigns should be undertaken in endemic areas by local area facilitators along with pictorial broachers.
11 Yearbook 2 Archive 1 Project 6 Broachers 2 Gazette 4 Draft 1 Prospectus 4 Booklet 1 Classification scheme 1 Dictionary 1 Pre print 7 Interview 1 Total 15518 Table 4: Non-documentary materials cited in the journal Non-documentary materials Numbers of cited items Percentage Internet resources 5362 98.205% Email communication 3 0.054% Power point presentation 2 0.036% DVD 6 0.109% TV broadcast 1 0.028% Database 86 1.576% Total 5460 100.00% Figure 2: Total documentary and non-documentary sources Documentary sources 73.973% Non documentary sources 26.027% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The Chief Minister Sindh said that the Sindh Government and its organization concerned have printed out the books and broachers to showcase the upcoming projects and investment opportunities in Sindh and desired for exchange of bilateral business delegation under the Pak-Korea Business Council to witness and avail these opportunities.
Product broachers from good quality service providers Sales and Distribution Network: Expert's advise and distribution agreements are required with.
Banners, posters and broachers on women's rights would be displayed during the campaign, she said, adding small medical camps would also be established.
One large stall was installed by IAP wherein in rotation all the insurance companies placed their printed material and broachers. That was distributed to the people visiting this stall.
Posters, pamphlets, broachers, leaflets, charts printed for election campaign explicitly symbolised the Holy Quran as a ballot icon.10 They termed the election as a battle between Islam and kufr (infidelity).11 It is plausible that some of the masses did indeed take the election symbol, 'the Book', as the holy Qur'an itself as majority of the population particularly among Pakhtun are illiterate.
A large number of public is expected to participate in the auction for which broachers are available at One Window Directorate of CDA.
Broachers on urgent mail service were designed and circulated for information of the customers.
Continuing/incongruent broachers will invite clients to explore the relationship between their presenting problems and issues related to race and representation.
They gave broachers and booklets about their admission policies.
He said a special campaign has also been launched by him through media and broachers to motivate public to approach ACE Rawalpindi Region against the corrupt elements sitting in government-run offices.