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Synonyms for broached

of a cask or barrel


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Subjects are sometimes broached which a well-bred female will ignore.
You speak of frequent visits, and certain preferences -- very good; for the last hour we have been beating about the bush, and at last you have broached the true question.
Some of the passengers climbed to the mizzen top, and beheld her still struggling to reach the ship; but shortly after she broached broadside to the waves, and her case seemed desperate.
Under these circumstances, of course, he would never have broached dietary questions with him.
Then they broached another keg, an' quit speculatin' about anythin' fer another spell.
She had been told that this was the only safe way to carry money in Italy; it must only be broached within the walls of the English bank.
Tess, meanwhile, as the one who had dragged her parents into this quagmire, was silently wondering what she could do to help them out of it; and then her mother broached her scheme.
Then they all built great fires and after a time roasted the does and broached a barrel of humming ale.
When she heard Mary's key in the door she paused in front of the fireplace, and Mary found her standing upright, looking at once expectant and determined, like a person who has come on an errand of such importance that it must be broached without preface.
But when I broached the subject to Kolk he demurred.
When he broached the subject of immediate departure Gust again raised his former objection--that the warship might very probably be patrolling the sea directly in their southern path, waiting for them to make the attempt to reach other waters.
Virginia," he commenced, after an interval of silence, "often before have I broached the subject nearest to my heart, yet never have you given me much encouragement.
Several days after they reached Baltimore Clayton broached the subject of an early marriage to Jane.
On the veranda that afternoon he broached the proposition of a chaperone as delicately as he could, explaining the necessity at Berande for such a body, a housekeeper to run the boys and the storeroom, and perform divers other useful functions.
I puzzled my head a good deal to find out some way of checkmating the Greeks, as also did Charley, and we broached a thousand expedients which on discussion proved worthless.