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Synonyms for broach

bring up


Synonyms for broach

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

Synonyms for broach

a decorative pin worn by women

Related Words

bring up a topic for discussion

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With this type of machine the part sits on a table that moves up while the broach is stationary.
As with manual machines a limit can be placed on the amount of force incurred during each broach cycle.
According to National Broach, this also gives operators the peace of mind and steadiness of foot to work more quickly, thereby improving productivity.
Heat treating is also necessary to stress-relieve the broaches and can be performed as many as five times during the broach manufacturing process at National Broach to ensure broach tool stability.
A different wheel serves each broach design, so setup consists of changing wheels, loading the magnetic chuck of the machine with broaches, calling up the right program from the CNC system's memory, and positioning the wheel for the first cut.
Each tool is specific to the application and the workpiece; a different application and workpiece would require a different broach.
In addition, standard broach fixtures accept interchangeable workholding details, including various types and sizes of jaws, nests, and clamps configured to the workpiece.
The photo shows a push-up pot broach about 301, long, with 104 individual rings.
The Navy's Operational Test and Evaluation Force, an independent organization from the program office, is currently conducting operational tests of the BROACH system using representative flight plans and targets.
The General Broach machine is rated at 80 tons and 275 hp, and is the result of a three-year, independently financed development program.
BROACH was developed after the 1991 Gulf War by Team BROACH (BAE Systems RO Defence, Thales Missile Electronics (TME) Ltd, and DERA) in the U.
As a result, counselors in the final stage are consistently attentive to the possible effects of race and culture on a client, able and willing to broach these issues, and dedicated to a framework of social justice.
Broach, author of the Superstition Mountain Mysteries trilogy, returns West in a new sleuthing adventure, this time to Yosemite.
When interfacing with clients in their 60s, about 8 in 10 advisors "almost always" or "occasionally" broach the subject.
She seemed particularly proud that her father had a major role in keeping the broach company in Hudson, thereby keeping the American dream alive for employees there.