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firm but easily broken

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Instrumentation: Durometer hardness testers, curemeter (ODR), Mooney viscometer, Rheomaster data systems for Mooney and rheometers, new recorders for ODRs, ASTM dies, molds, cutters, the XDR Mooney viscometer, XDR-MDR-moving die rheometer, XDR OSC disk rheometer, Orec ozone chambers and monitor calibration, low temperature TR test and brittleness point tester
Previous attempts to strengthen polycarbonates by chemically modifying the monomeric units have increased the polymer's brittleness, he says.
Scientists have only begun to understand the physical forces that bind cements together, as well as how the microstructure and chemistry translate into macroscopic properties such as strength and brittleness.
Force/deflection diagrams are said to illustrate the brittleness more precisely.
In demanding applications such as transparent interior aircraft components, electronic enclosures, gaskets, spacers, switchgears, electrical devices, thermoformed equipment, and other carrying components, Makrolon LF demonstrates improved ductility and reduced brittleness for superior impact strength (many times that of float glass and acrylic, says the company).
Broken molds and the inability to pull a deep pocket in a pattern often are the result of insufficient sand toughness, or brittleness. A cone jolt toughness tester measures the relative brittleness of the compacted sand, providing information quite different from compressive or tensile strength properties.
However, Bock says, "It may also be that insects can more easily bite and tear plants affected by ozone because of their brittleness." She has begun investigating that possibility.
It overcame the limitations of previous reinforced PETs, which were difficult to mold and suffered poor surface quality, brittleness, and warpage.
Formulated specifically for use in high-temperature polycarbonate foaming applications such as structural foam molding, injection molding, and extrusion, exothermic XO-230 chemical foaming agent from Bergen International does not produce any moisture, thereby eliminating any brittleness as a result of polymer degradation, according to the company.
Keszler also suggest that their new structure could form the basis of a novel and industrially important material that would have all the strength of graphite, but none of its brittleness. Their work will appear in the Sept.
It says the manner in which Article-370 of the constitution was scrapped shows brittleness in Indian democracy.
The first mention in literature for brittleness index (19) combined the results with marginal chipping factor (CF), which can be calculated only after the crowns have been milled.
For customers with cold testing needs, the company has added both temperature retraction (TR) and brittleness (BP) capabilities.
Romance blossoms between Vera and Roland, and Vera postpones her education to volunteer as a nurse and treat the soldiers Vikander is a revelation, capturing the spirit, defiance and brittleness of a young woman who holds firm to her convictions at a time when women were preferably Roland (Kit Harington) and Vera (Alicia Vikander) find love amid the horrors of the First World War