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firm but easily broken

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Our conclusion is that sapphire alone will not equate to an unbreakable iPhone, in fact the brittleness of sapphire glass poses significant problems for engineers to overcome, and we have serious doubts that it will outperform Gorilla Glass.
says this part required advanced mold-filling analysis so as not to overpack the part and cause brittleness.
The hybrid material delivers improved scratch resistance without increasing brittleness.
It's a marvelous movie that manages to make you laugh and break your heart all at once as it breezily ruminates on youth and mortality, beauty and brittleness.
The authors assume that the reason of worsening of the temperature of cold brittleness of chromium in case of its alloying by metals of the VII group, in particular manganese, is a not completely clarified character of change of a number of physical characteristics like dislocation structure, energy of stacking fault, solubility of interstitial elements, degree of twinning deformation development, etc.
The collagen becomes an integral part of dentin and counters hydroxyapatite's inherent brittleness.
The silicon supplement BioSil, which contains a choline-stabilized and concentrated form of orthosilicic acid, ch-OSA, may help restore elasticity and suppleness to skin damaged by chronic exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) rays, and reduce brittleness in hair and nails.
There are 24 shades, all with rose oil to prevent dehydration; tropical verbena to ward off brittleness and a calcium extract for strength.
Mark Hughes will be glad to see Craig Bellamy back and in scoring form,but the brittleness of his strike force is a major worry.
It will be a mild night in Birmingham rather than the proverbial wet one in Blackburn, but those who believe the Stamford Bridge galacticos are not hardy enough to challenge for the title will seek signs of brittleness here.
Added to a variety of consumer products since the 1930s, DBP is used in cosmetics to reduce brittleness and cracking and as a "penetration enhancer" and emollient.
The prevention of FeS eliminates embrittlement caused by iron sulfide, which forms as a grain or eutectic cell boundary phase and causes brittleness, hot shortness and residual stress in the casting.
These low temperatures cause brittleness with the usual nylon/polyethylene structures used in more traditional mechanical freezing process, and the resultant vacuum packs have an unacceptably high leaker rate.
Only in Muniz's concurrent show at Wooster Gardens are items other than those made by the artist himself - artificial flowers photographed with a lush brittleness - the subject of his image-making.