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fragrant rounded shrub of southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico having brittle stems and small crowded blue-green leaves and yellow flowers

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Willis' powers of description are at their fullest and his language is loveliest in his nature poems: "the burn of thistle / in your fist, the slime of slug, the sweet / shine of poison oak" in "Minimum Wage" (63); "the endless ridge of scree and talus" in "Hilltoppers" (65); and "the golden tongues of brittlebush" in "Cottonwood Spring" (89).
We crossed the gradual outer slopes through a moonless night, the lava overgrown with brittlebush that glowed watery silver over the dark ground so that the animals seemed to be wading and we, in a lurching sort of way, floating.
The building acts as a hinge linking the dam to the hills, covered with black rock and the brilliant yellow flowers of the brittlebush and palo verde; hinging present to past.
Black-throated Sparrows occupy the creosote bush shrublands located on rocky alluvial fans at the entrances of small valleys and on the rocky, lower slopes of the mountains (other common species include brittlebush [Encelia farinosa], burrobush [Ambrosia dumosa], sweetbush [Bebbia juncea], and cactus [Opuntia spp.]).
In a nod to high-desert style, the brittlebush (Encelia farinosa) on the far left keeps its dried seed heads for sculptural structure.
Relative importance values of plants associated with antelope jackrabbit sign and observations in the Central Gulf Coast subdivision of Sonoran Desertscrub (xeric microphyll shrub) were: brittlebush Encelia farinosa (55.3%), creosote L.
Below it, brittlebush (Enceha farinosa) leads the eye down the path with yellow blooms atop silvery foliage.