osteogenesis imperfecta

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autosomal dominant disorder of connective tissue characterized by brittle bones that fracture easily

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Gwyneth Paltrow has written on her blog that she in the early stages of osteopenia, which is a precursor to the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis.
These foods will then be taken by astronauts as a prevention against brittle-bone disease, stomach complaints and intestine problems during their space journeys.
Hoping to fight off further ravages of osteoporosis, she had volunteered in late 1997 as a subject in a year-long trial of a treatment for the brittle-bone disease.
Parker Bowles agreed to be patron of the National Osteoporosis Society following the death of her mother, who suffered from the brittle-bone disease.
Two designer estrogens are currently on the market, however, one to treat breast cancer and one to prevent bone loss that can lead to the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis.