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an animal resembling a starfish with fragile whiplike arms radiating from a small central disc

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First, the researchers looked at five-armed brittle stars and discovered a repeated movement in five fan-shaped parts between the arms that shrink and expand, which they named "pumping."
Development of the nervous system in the brittle star Amphipholi kochii.
Conclusion: These results represented further insights into the chemopreventive potential of brittle star as a valuable source of unknown therapeutic agents against human cervical cancer.
Higher education is Brittle Star's central theme, and Moore skewers it merrily.
Set on the lee side of the dunes, the brittle stars take advantage of their elevated position for feeding.
Similarly, high-density aggregations of brittle stars and brachiopods in boulder-cobble areas and fields of sea pens and sea urchins in sand and mud habitats also may provide space and structure for other organisms (e.g., Brodeur, 2001).
Brittle stars were removed from the substrate, counted, and the volume of the substrate was estimated by measuring displacement volume.
Brittle stars lack the large, specialized eyes that many animals possess.
Bacteria living on the brittle star give off chemicals to kill other bugs which invade their territory.
Mike Van Keulen, a Marine Biology expert from Murdoch University, told Yahoo7 News the creature was believed to be part of the brittle star group, which are closely related to starfish.
Previous phylogeographic work on the brittle star Astrotoma agassizii Lyman, 1875 based on mitochondrial genes suggested isolation across the APF, even though populations in both South American waters and the Southern Ocean are morphologically indistinguishable.
In this study, total polysaccharide from brittle star [Ophiocoma erinaceus (O.
e new starsh enterprise will allow you to see new species including the common star sh, brittle star, chocolate knobbed and red knobbed.
Thousands and thousands of tiny red eggs spew into the water from this female brittle star. If everything goes right, sperm from a male brittle star will meet the eggs and fertilize them.