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a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood

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Brittle diabetes primarily occurs in people with a long history of type
These cases of glycemic instability with no somatic explanation have been termed "brittle diabetes" by some authors [9] and there is no doubt concerning the importance of further exploration of the causes and remedies surrounding this truly psychosomatic disease.
Psychosoziale Pradiktoren der metabolischen Instabilitat bei Brittle Diabetes. Eine multivariate Zeitreihenanalyse [Psychosocial predictors of metabolic instability in brittle diabetes--A multivariate time series analysis].
Pippin's case, though, was complicated by his unusual health condition: "Brittle diabetes" causes blood sugar levels to swing severely, and seemingly without reason.
Type 1 diabetics who have brittle diabetes or those with poor control are advised not to fast, as well as those with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) unawareness, frequent low and high blood sugar, severe kidney and eye complications, poorly controlled hypertension, or unstable angina, and those prone to frequent diabetic ketoacidosis, as they are at high risk of developing severe complications.
The board prohibited fasting during Ramadan for patients with brittle diabetes, people using an insulin pump, those who take three or four doses of insulin a day and suffer from ketaocedosis and fainting, and people with low blood sugar.
"[One doctor may say] 'I don't have a computer; send it to me in a fax the day before [the patient] comes in.' Some doctors with brittle diabetes patients have said, 'Hey, can I actually get the software on my phone?
MICHELLE: I suffer from brittle diabetes which can be very dangerous so I have taught Kobi how to help me.
NEW YORK -- True brittle diabetes is a rarity, with characteristic blood glucose lability, frequent hospitalizations, and life disruption often reflecting underlying psychiatric or organic disease, according to Dr.
Champion Junior Carer Robert Thirkell won an award for his love and devotion to his mum, who has brittle diabetes, while his dad was diagnosed with cancer only last year.
Many centers are reluctant to perform complete or partial pancreatectomies because of the risk of brittle diabetes, which puts patients at risk of life-threatening episodes of hypoglycemia.