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Split Britches: Lesbian Practice/Feminist Performance is a much-awaited collection of performance texts by the three-woman feminist theatre company Split Britches; The Domain-Matrix: Performing Lesbian at the End of Print Culture is an often dense theoretical study at the intersection of lesbian and gay studies and feminist performance studies.
ONE is a tad dazed at the ballyhoo over Liverpool's 800th birthday - as the political bigwigs and Culture Company wags promise bags of street parties and, slap me britches, a sack race along Old Hall Street.
The regally bred colt is out of the Kingmambo mare Prissy Britches, who is a daughter of the Grade 2 winner A.
All right, so it might have helped if I had made a film or written a screenplay or starred opposite Keira Knightley in Pride And Prejudice - I would have looked rather fetching in a frock coat and tight britches - but that's not the point.
Mr Darcy and his britches remain bone dry for the entire two hours and a number of subplots are pruned for the sake of expediency: George Wickham is no longer a rival for Elizabeth's affections.
Someone phone the Black Dyno-rod or the Keeper of the King's Britches or whatever the guy in charge of Their Lordships' security is called.We're pretty sure there's an old buffer on the top right of the screen who's been snoring since at least 1991.
When I hear the word "britches," I picture men's trousers, but I learned from a neighbor there is another meaning.
Three-time Obie award-winning lesbian performance artist Peggy Shaw (cofounder of Split Britches) presents a new solo show about her relationship with her mixed-race grandson.
Now I've just got to get used to seeing Joe sauntering around in britches rather than sitting on a bar stool in the Queen Vic.
A full competition kit of mask, britches and protective body suit can run into hundreds of pounds.
But this time, as we say in Tennessee and Texas, `you've ripped your britches.'"
They're hitching up their britches, buckling their boots and putting their stetsons on down Calgary way.
KB still has him blocked on Instagram." --Jimi Britches
It was the sight of Firth emerging from a lake in a dripping wet shirt and britches during the BBC's Pride and Prejudice series that made him an instant heart-throb.
Why not do what jockeys have been asking for for years - give them an allowance for what they have to weigh out in: silks, britches, boots etc, instead of just 2lb for a back support?