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Synonyms for bristly

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Synonyms for bristly

very irritable

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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PetSense is a national retailer based in Arizona now offering Bristly in their HABA (dental health) isle.
Tufts of bristly feathers protect the woodpecker's nostrils from flying woodchips and sawdust.
Psittacosaurus, an early member of the horned-dinosaur group that includes the massive Triceratops, had a short face and a strong beak to eat plants, and boasted bristly long filaments above the tail.
The horrid groundweaver spider (pictured inset), which gets its name from a corruption of its Latin name Nothophantes horridus - meaning hairy or bristly, has been found at a new site in Plymouth, on an industrial site in the Cattedown area of the city.
Luckily the emotionallyexhausted buxom lass in question elected to leave the house before things got serious and McCririck had begun running a horse's brush through those bristly ginger mutton chops of his.
The lowering skies and flat, scrubby landscape of Norfolk --an English county less frequently caressed on film than its lusher counterparts--lend an atmosphere of eerie distinction to otherwise well-tilled coming-of-age territory in "The Goob." Guy Myhill's uninvitingly titled debut feature gets significant mileage out of its golden-hour lensing and the bristly charisma of its younger cast members, but seems torn between narrative possibilities in its story of a 16-year-old lad manning up against his mother's boorish b.f.
If you're not a fan of waxing (ouch!) or shaving (bristly!), then Nad's Sensitive Hair Removal Creme removes hair in four minutes and there's no pain - just gain.
Titled Expanding the Universe and dated 2008, it shows the outlines of a bristly three-legged animal whose head is not easy to make out.
Scudamore said: "It's our international confederations that have squeezed the calendar, not us, so we really get quite bristly at the idea that, with the fixture calendar, it's somehow us being the awkward ones."
All ( signs point to the bristly Portuguese tactician leaving Spain and returning to Chelsea on 1 July, meaning Casillas will remain in the Spanish capital.
A bristly hermaphroditic sea slug mates employing a use-it-then-lose-it penis, and carries one or two extras for future use, researchers have discovered.
Coxae covered with yellowish-white hairs, hairs on lower edge of coxae longer, mid coxa with 1-2 blackish bristly hairs.
They got stuck on the Bristly Ridge which had a light covering of snow as they made their way to Glyder Fach.
Most cat lovers are aware of the bristly tail that is hung low to the ground, which is a sign of aggression, but there are plenty more cues that can help you understand your cat.
Goggling my battered boots and bristly jaw with his one good eye, he gave me a big 5-toothed grin.