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Synonyms for bristled

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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References in classic literature ?
Then it was that his lips half writhed into a snarl, and the hair of his neck and shoulders involuntarily bristled, while he half crouched for a spring, his claws spasmodically clutching into the snow-surface for firmer footing.
Their curving front bristled with flashes and the place resounded with the clangor of their ramrods.
A thin ridge of stiff hair bristled along the entire length of his spine.
"You talk that fella talk I get cross too much along you," Van Horn bristled back, and then added, diplomatically, dipping into a half- case of tobacco sawed across and proffering a handful of stick tobacco: "Much better you smoke 'm up and talk 'm good fella talk."
Although Van Horn did not know it, at this challenge he experienced the hair-pricking sensations in his scalp that Jerry experienced when he bristled his back.