bristlecone pine

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small slow-growing upland pine of western United States (Rocky Mountains) having dense branches with fissured rust-brown bark and short needles in bunches of 5 and thorn-tipped cone scales

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The coin's reverse (tails side) design captures the beauty and unique qualities of a single Bristlecone Pine tree and the rocky glacial moraines where the trees grow.
We did a lot of hiking and found a couple of sites of bristlecone pines, and one in particular that we honed in on," said Routson.
I can't pretend anymore that I'll keep company with a Bristlecone Pine for more than an indifferent fraction of its life span.
This was fine, except for one thing; LaMarche and Hirschboeck (1984) had presented a hypothesis involving three prehistoric bristlecone pine frost rings at 43 BC, 1627 BC and 2036 BC (Hughes 1988).
Prometheus," a 4,900-year-old bristlecone pine tree, was cut up and sectioned for scientific research in 1964.
The peaks of the American West hold the Bristlecone Pine, some of the world's oldest trees, and THE BRISTLECONE BOOK celebrates their natural history using a most accessible format and presentation perfect for any natural history collection focusing on botany.
There is a moment in which the camera traces the edges of a bristlecone pine, a high-altitude tree in the North American Rockies.
Bryce Canyon in Utah was equally striking because of the twisted and gnarled trunks of the 1,000-year-old Bristlecone pine trees and the blood red trunks of ponderosa pine in stark contrast with the pale pink of the rock.
Unfortunately, the bristlecone pine is being threatened by white pine blister rust, which has devastated populations of white pines in the Northwest and is rapidly moving through the Rockies.
Englemann spruce, Douglas fir and bristlecone pine provide dense forests.
Apparently it's the Pinus longaeva, better known as the bristlecone pine of Nevada.
Chile has 12 native tree species, including the alerce, whose typical life span (over 3,000 years) is exceeded only by California's bristlecone pine, and the araucaria or "monkey puzzle tree," the world's oldest surviving tree species.
The oldest tree on record is a bristlecone pine on Mt.
High on the windswept ridges of the White Mountains in California stands the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.
Still, a man who had spent a lifetime nurturing exotic plants - a mountain aspen, bristlecone pine, sequoia gigantea - to make them grow at sea level knows that a sealed faucet is a sin, and that laws banning gray water are a crime against all living plants.