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a brush that is made with the short stiff hairs of an animal or plant

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Start at the crown and use a comb or fine bristle brush to tease your hair at the roots until it's almost standing up on its own.
Tape off a stripe or section you want to paint, then use a flat bristle brush to apply gilding on the egg, being sure to move the brush in one direction.
Outdoor wicker: Vacuum gently or brush with a soft bristle brush.
The kit includes a four-section cleaning rod with snap-down handle, an accessory adapter, nylon bristle brush, slotted patch holder and cotton cleaning patches, as well as, silicone gun cloth and Formula 3 Gun Conditioner.
I leaned a rickety ladder against the Wall and climbed up, holding a jar of red acrylic in my left hand, a long bristle brush in my right, and got to work.
ALWAYS brush your hair gently to avoid scratching the scalp - use a nylon, rather than a natural, bristle brush.
You had to use a fine-haired bristle brush to clear the powder around a prototype made of this material.
Let your suit breathe for a few hours and use a soft bristle brush to remove any atmospheric particles," he suggests.
Universal Mixer palette - Artists now have greater control over color selection when using any bristle brush.
The rust will froth, then scrub with a stiff bristle brush.
Many colorists have been known to use a spatula rather than a bristle brush for highlighting.
The applicator is smaller than the average bristle brush, which means it suits all eye shapes and sizes, while an in-built wiper stops it overloading with mascara and causing the lashes to clump.
ct absi "Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly and use a bristle brush if blow-drying straight, or a diffuser if wearing curls," says Jake.
Made with soft bristle brush heads, the camels can simply scratch up against the post to relieve any itchiness and help remove some of their moulting hair.
What you will need: Decopatch medium hog bristle brush No.