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Synonyms for brisk

Synonyms for brisk

Synonyms for brisk

become brisk

quick and energetic

imparting vitality and energy

very active

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Cecily winced when Pat caught a mouse, visited a school chum the day the pigs were killed that she might not hear their squealing, and would not have stepped on a caterpillar for anything; yet she did not care at all how much she made the brisk Cyrus suffer.
At their head were a venerable old man and an ancient dame, more brisk and active, however, than might have been expected from their years.
Master Richard himself, thought the groom, was not in his ordinary; for in truth, he carried the hand-bag like a talisman, and either stood listless, or set off suddenly walking in one direction after another with brisk, decisive footsteps.
Barricading the cabin door, they broke holes through the companion-way, and, with the muskets and ammunition which were at hand, opened a brisk fire that soon cleared the deck.
It is available only at participating 7-Eleven stores for an exclusive launch period in April and wherever one-liter Brisk is sold throughout May and June.
To expand upon our successful partnership with Star Wars, Brisk will offer artist-designed packaging that features innovative on-pack technology to deliver exclusive content to a passionate fanbase," said Eric Fuller, Brand Director, Brisk Iced Tea.
We look forward to another successful collaboration with Brisk featuring fan-favorite characters.
This program rides the wave of the highly successful Brisk partnership with the 3-D theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, which kicked off in January to bring lightsaber battles to smartphones via the Brisksaber mobile app, introduced fans to creative Darth Maul packaging and launched a TV spot to showcase the never-before-seen epic battle between Darth Maul and Yoda.
BRISK ICED TEA CONTINUES TO INVIGORATE ITS CREATIVE MOJO by taking its 2012 national marketing campaign to a galaxy far, far away.
At Brisk, we're inspired by creativity and are always looking for fresh and authentic ways to work with artists from emerging talent to seasoned pros, like those at Lucasfilm," says Eric Fuller, brand director, Brisk Iced Tea, at Purchase, N.
The new application will feature a progression of content that allows fans to incrementally unlock new characters and objects based on the nationwide redemption of codes found on specially marked pack-ages of one-liter Brisk Iced Tea.
On April 30, 2009, the Company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Brisk Solar Inc.