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Synonyms for briskness

liveliness and eagerness

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He rapped the words out with a certain degree of briskness. Katharine started a little, as if the announcement disturbed her thoughts.
The briskness of that movement contrasted with the casual way in which he threw out a suggestion.
I got up from the meal, saying with a sort of briskness, as if it had only just occurred to me, "Well!
It is true, and many of us have experienced it to some degree, with unkindness ranging from briskness and sarcasm to outright verbal abuse.
"Rich in aroma and briskness, Maijan Golden offers a unique and exotic experience," Assam Company India director Sanjay Jain told AFP.
"To leave a legacy, as it were." He's gone before I know it, cappuccino barely touched, shuffling off with surprising briskness as the afternoon turns to dusk.
"Some older people needed to take quite a few more than 100 steps per minute" to walk briskly, she says, while others achieved briskness with lower step cadences.
Relationships between briskness of involuntary movements, underlying muscle tone, and conditions for appearance (from Yanagisawa, 1996 (25)).
Thus, inhabiting Mary's head for the entire novel is trying, though the author has given this character an appealing briskness and sense of order.
'The intellect,' it says 'seemed to become clouded, animation giving place to a sort of lethargy, briskness yielding to indolence...'
With briskness lying at its heart, Cold Start called for a reorganization of the old Holding and Strike Corps.The former would create shallow bridgeheads into Pakistani territory.
An air of tragedy pervades this book-length sequence of monologues, and the briskness of Nasrallah's sentences bears it across to us lightly: "Inside each of us there's a poet," Randa observes, "who comes out when we really come face to face with ourselves.
Black tea is consumed throughout the world and is known for its unique taste, briskness, and flavour.
The high grown teas at this time of the year have floral flavour, bright orange-coloured liquor and delightful briskness, which are in demand by tea connoisseurs worldwide.
Unger is the very model of briskness and certitude, down to the manner