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liveliness and eagerness

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That numb, downy separation between you and the outside world has gone, replaced by a crisp, alert briskness.
Four small pastels, all 2013, completed the exhibition, their charming naivete showing Shapiro's skill with a brush, love of color, and taste for tension--a briskness that carries over to the rest of this forceful show.
It turns out that it's the time spent walking that's protective against stroke rather than the briskness, so it seems that accumulating more time walking is most beneficial.
Clarke swatted aside any questions about the England team with the same briskness he will hope to punish any loose bowling from the English over the next seven weeks.
For making traditional spiced chai, she recommends Assam tea, known for its briskness, malty flavor, and full body.
The descriptions of her romances manage to combine sexual frankness, an admirable briskness (so that the reader doesn't feel the boredom of repetition or "narrow" focus) and lyricism.
The head boy led the march-past with the participants and captains from the four houses following him in marked briskness and perfection.
The circumstances of her act suggest that Mary Lamb also suffered from some psychological dysfunction, most probably from manic-depressive illness, or bipolar disorder, whose most manifest symptoms are recurrent episodes of depression and melancholy, characterized by morbidity, mania, high-spirited and irritable moods involving "both pleasurable elation and total frenzy" (Watson 2004: 2), impulsiveness, and rapidity and briskness of physical and mental activity, which, if untreated, may gradually become stronger and more frequent.
1 for the previous quarter, also helped by briskness among auto and mobile phone manufacturers, a joint survey by the Cabinet Office and the Finance Ministry showed.
Inspired by the briskness and feeling in Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Francaise, I decided to write History of a Pleasure Seeker by hand.
In the light heavyweight category, the focus of a boxer is more on power and not on the footwork and briskness.
2003) and Salehi Golsefidi (2000) also reported in their studies that plyometric exercises have not been efficient in the amount of shuttle briskness and have not decreased their time [28,17].
Lavrov:Russia supports Annan's plan Lavrov said that Russia supports Annan's plan, noting that Russia received affirmations from the Syrian side regarding its commitment to its obligations as per this plan, adding that his country believes that Syrians can work with more briskness.
Arsalan Azhari who was present in the meeting of the Kurdistan Province investment headquarters in the city of Sanandaj, called investment attraction one of the main priorities of the province which will lead to more employment and economic briskness.
This lightness is partly the result of the frail figures and ghostly presences in the poems, partly because of the briskness of the free verse as in "A Herbal" or "Eelworks" and dream visions as in "Hermit Song," and partly because of the absence of guilt that weighed down similar volumes like Station Island.