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a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest especially of beef

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Beef brisket, ribs and pulled pork at Hang Fire Southern Kitchen in Barry
Beef brisket is most often a boneless cut of meat from the cattle breast or lower chest of the animal.+It is longer in one direction than the other--often about 18 to 20 inches long by 12 to 13 inches wide--and usually about 1 Vi inches thick.
When selecting a brisket, choosing one in which most of the flat is roughly the same thickness throughout will help it cook more evenly.
The deckle is generally removed on more expensive cuts of brisket, but may be present in packer cuts.
Incidentally, almost all of the advice here also applies to cooking beef ribs--a similarly tough cut of beef located close to the brisket on the cow.
At Mighty Quinn's, the beef briskets were part of the end cut, which made it slightly toasted.
It opened my world to a whole new level of ribs and beef brisket.
But what really blew my mind was the beef brisket which was tender, slightly sweet and melted in the mouth.
Owens Fully Cooked Sliced Brisket was introduced this month in grocery stores in Texas, Arkansas, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mississippi.
The brisket joins the Owens line of convenience foods and other Owens grocery store food products which include SnackWiches and Border Breakfasts, roll sausage, fresh sausage links and patties and bratwurst.
''Brisket and tongue are cuts that have traditionally been supplied to Japan by the U.S.,'' she told Kyodo News.
The brisket can be cut into pieces and frozen in your freezer.
To season the second brisket, use mushrooms, onions, and red wine.
Beef Brisket with Onion-Lemon Marmalade and Sweet Potatoes
Trim and discard excess fat from brisket.In a 12- by 18-inch roasting pan, place onion slices and 3/4 of lemon slices; enclose remaining lemon in plastic wrap and chill.