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a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest especially of beef

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Aside from corned beef and pastrami there is also Montreal-style smoked meat, which differs from pastrami in that it is more akin to a Texas-style smoked brisket.
Well this brisket - similar in texture to pulled pork - topped off what was a tremendous, fully flavoured burger that will more than give the posh burger bars springing up around these parts a run for their money.
Otherwise you'd have to make hard choices among smokin' plates like brisket three ways (chopped, sliced and burnt ends), the rib platter special and even smoked meatloaf.
If you lay a brisket with this "fat cap" facing upwards, the point lies on top of the flat, and frequently is covered with less fat.
We have also expanded the selection of banh mi to include Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket, Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken, and Smoked Salmon with tofu and cream cheese,' Magdaluyo said.
Drain and chop the chipotle and add to the pot along with the brisket, star anise, lemon zest and stock.
But you may want to save your appetite for their legendary Pit BBQ classics like smoked leg of lamb, Texas beef brisket, southern chill lime chicken platter or battered cod to mention a few.
In general, the cholesterol levels in some cuts such as loin, strip-loin, shoulder-clod, brisket, short-plate-brisket and shank were almost equal whereas those in some cuts such as tender-loin, shoulder-chuck-roll, top-round and outside-round were higher than the cholesterol levels reported for various muscles of 6 to 24 month old foals (Lorenzo et al.
To serve the dish slice the brisket |into chunky rounds, season and pan fry until lightly crisped.
National Brisket Day is the day set aside to enjoy this timeless tasty meat.
Brisket burgers from Relish Cafe INGREDIENTS: 400g minced beef, 200g brisket joint, 1 small onion, 1 egg, 1 tsp wholegrain mustard, 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, handful of breadcrumbs.
The only thing on Houghton's mind is winning--that and his obsession with cooking the perfect ribs and brisket.
Great value brisket of beef is perfect when cooked slowly
This one is made with slow–cooked brisket, cooked until it is so tender you simply pull it apart with forks before turning it into what will be the best cottage pie you ever tasted.
Or at least it would be if you had the wherewithal to produce brisket, chicken, wings and three kinds of ribs on your own smoker and serve it all up with a variety of sides -- and dessert for anyone who still had even an inch of room left.