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become brisk

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Tom Brisken, general manager of the GEnx engine program, said the Dreamliner is close to realizing its goal of a 20 percent boost in fuel efficiency.
"This milestone is an exciting one for the GEnx-2B team and we anticipate the engines will continue the same high performance that we have experienced in our ground and flight tests," said Tom Brisken, general manager of the GEnx Program at GE Aviation.
'We are thrilled to have First Choice Airways as our first customer on the 787,' said Tom Brisken, general manager of GE's GEnx engine programme.
The most helpful writers on feminist social change, in my opinion, are Nancy Adamson, Linda Brisken and Margaret McPhail (1988) who write from the Canadian women's movement.
Two other graduate students, Walter Brisken (Princeton University) and Shami Chatterjee (Cornell University), are using the VLBA to measure the positions of pulsars.
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"The GEnx-2B engine has performed very well during more than 1,500 hours of ground certification tests and 100 hours of flight testing," said Tom Brisken, general manager of GE Aviation's GEnx program.