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the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life

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Le projet se propose ainsi de fournir une reponse sur des bases scientifiques prouvees a cette problematique, en favorisant, d'une part, la circulation de l'eau au niveau des brises lames positionnees a une dizaine de metres de la plage sur la base d'un modele hydrodynamique, et en recherchant, d'autre part, des solutions de compostage pour le materiel vegetal echoue sur la plage.
When Baryshnikov executed diagonal brises voles (flying brises, quatrieme demie position) and twice appeared to be about to fly off the stage, the crowd roared as it does at Madison Square Garden.
Mostly, materials are allowed to speak for themselves: concrete balustrades are plainly heavy and cast in situ; depending on their function, brises soleil are clearly either of wood or translucent plastic; steel is exposed as standard sections.
The contrast between the curved and angular geometries is further emphasised by theatrically oversailing brises soleils that run around each floor, like the slats of an oversized venetian blind.