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the shattering or crushing effect of a sudden release of energy as in an explosion

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Medienskandale: Zur moralischen Sprengkraft offentlicher Diskurse [Media scandals: On the moral brisance of public discourse].
He went on to reveal that government experts were stunned because they did not know that sustained detonation or uncurved brisance explosives were even possible.
Primers come in different strengths, technically known as "brisance," a word my Webster's Unabridged defines as "the shattering effect of a high explosive." This might seem a little harsh for a small pistol primer but, unlike smokeless powder, primers are indeed explosives.
There are some 209s that are designated as "muzzleloader primers" and they feature reduced "brisance" or power.
The lead free compounds have greater brisance, giving flattened primers with standard flash holes.
It is observed that a small amount of explosive had relatively low brisance, but the explosion had a relatively uniform effect on the cement block, due to the existence of the water.