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a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel


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Bring fuel for o wood fire, or briquets, chimney starter, and newspaper; butane lighter, 4-qt (10 in ) and 6 qt (12-in.) camp dutch ovens with feet and flanged lids ($74 and $100,; grilling tongs, grilling gloves.
Summit Chemical Corporation's Bti Briquets are a unique, sustained release formulation of the naturally occurring bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) which is widely accepted as one of the safest bio-rational larvicides available today.
* If you have squirted starter fluid on your charcoal briquets, don't get your face near them if they haven't burst into flame yet.
Fact is, if you're barbecuing with Kingsford charcoal briquets west of the Rockies, they probably were made right here in Springfield.
En las tres temporadas la abundancia de hembras fue mayor que la de los machos; Basurto y Zarate (1994) informaron lo contrario para la bahia en poblaciones adultas, con una proporcion hembra-macho igual a 1: 3.6; sin embargo, en un estudio realizado por Alvarez y Briquets (1983) para el golfo de Batabano (Cuba), se encontro una dominancia de las hembras sobre los machos.
Charcoal briquets take 25-30 minutes from lighting until they are ready to cook, but most backyard grillers don't wait that long.
Altosid XR briquets are used in most applications, such as swimming pools or catch basins.
As the rolls turn further formed briquets discharge from the pockets as the half-cavities move apart.
Compacting powdery, granular or shredded materials into briquets is worth consideration across a wide range of industries, for a number of reasons.
of San Rafael, California, has introduced an environmental barbecue collection: a free-standing grill, utensils and "Barbecube" briquets made from 100 percent California orchard prunings - non-wasteful, non-poluting and ashes can be used as fertilizer.
Barbecue pollution is considered enough of a problem in California that the state Air Resources Board has regulated the sale of lighter fluid and presoaked briquets. Beginning in 1993, no "barbecue aid" that emits more than 0.02 pounds of pollutants per use will be sold.
Heat a grill (preferably with mesquite charcoal briquets) to medium (350[degrees] to 450[degrees]) with an area cleared of coals (for charcoal grill) or a burner turned off (for gas) to make an indirect-heat area.
Dans le meme communique, la direction de la Protection civile met en garde les citoyens quant a la manipulation des bougies et cierges en donnant les consignes suivantes: ces produits doivent etre places sur des supports stables et non inflammables, leur emplacement doit etre loin des tentures et meubles afin d'eviter l'eclosion d'incendies, leur manipulation doit se faire en presence des adultes, les bougies doivent etre bien entreposees, les allumettes et les briquets doivent etre gardes hors de portee des enfants.