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a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel


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The artifact is thought to be from this type of sword, known as a briquet, used by Mexican soldiers in the early 1800s.Reimagine the Alamo
Briquet compiled and documented 16,000 watermarks in use in Europe up to the year 1600, giving dates and places for most of them.
Briquet worked at Geneva, so the lectotype should be selected from original material housed at that herbarium.
The first was assembled by Marie Briquet, La musique dans les congres internationaux, 1835-1939.
- Hearing T-262/04 Bic v OHMI (Forme d'un briquet a pierre): Intellectual property
Mas tarde Briquet (1897) no reconoce ni Acinos ni Micromeria considerandolos secciones de Satureja.
Even though grill sales were down in 2003 -- mostly due to slumping sales of gas grills -- charcoal briquet shipments grew by 2 percent and natural lump charcoal by 5 percent.
Indeed, proponents of the neurological theory of hysteria, the so-called, "nerveux" which included such influential clinicians as Briquet, Georget, and Charcot, dissociated the disease from purely anatomical origins and ascribed to it neurological and psychological causes.(3) Pierre Briquet's influential Traite clinique et therapeutique de l'hysterie of 1859, for example, begins by exploring the predisposition and causes of the illness in men in the first seven cases of his treatise.
Komarek doubles machine productivity through the addition of a second pair of briquet forming rolls.
With: Julien Maurel, Suchona, Billal Mia, Bishwajit Sen Gupta, Mujibur Rahman Dilu, Daniel Briquet, Nazma Anwar, A.K.
By providing researchers with radiographic and photographic reproductions of watermarks, it overcomes the difficulties of using Charles Briquet's standard album which, although containing more than 16,000 examples, uses hand tracing instead of photographic images.