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a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties

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Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror Sam said: "Briony and I met when I was about 15 or 16.
New recruits at Richborough Estates (from left): Jon Dunman, Briony Stenhouse, James Carpenter, Ellie Cudmore, Alanna Mahoney, and Tom Ball
"It's not something you want to be greeted with when you take your kids to the park," Briony said.
For more information about the awards or to book tickets for the event call Briony Wilson on 01244 956 414 or email her at
Now even slimmer than her pre-pregnancy weight, Briony, from Comber, Co Down, is a size eight and is feeling better than ever.
written and rewritten by Briony Tallis in the course of her maturation
This will rot down much quicker than shavings with high resin contents, said Briony, who sources her materials from a horticultural trader in Cumbria.
Instructor Briony Gardner will be hosting a free class in Whitaker Park, Rawtenstall on the grass in front of the house in order to celebrate World Yoga Day.
David Cringles and Briony Balfour both took part in North Lanarkshire Council's Creative Residency, a unique initiative open to S4 pupils with interests in 3D design, creative writing, drawing, painting, music, printmaking, digital photography and drama.
Curious Briony Tinker-Ives, eight, wanted to know if her Majesty had the biggest diamond in the world in her crown.
Now director Briony Holliday, who ran the business with her husband John, has issued the notice for the meeting of creditors, which will be held on February 23 at Tait Walker LLP, Bulman House at the Regent Centre, Gosforth.