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a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties

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Capturing beauty Briony Balfour with some of her pictures
The Queen's Lady in Waiting also enclosed some leaflets with information about the Crown Jewels and Briony is keen to visit them on her family's next trip to London.
Briony, who studied psychology at Newcastle University and who lived for many years in India, said the rise of Ukip in the UK had spurred her to action, along with the campaign to see Britain withdraw from the European Union, which Ukip advocates.
8; and Briony won the longest drive competition with a shot of 208 yards.
adult Briony, the celebrated author of amoral fiction (41) who, now
Briony still completed the night's shift, while dreaming about how to spend the quarter-of-a-million pound windfall.
The whole story is about whether Briony stays with Matthew because she loves him, or because she feels sorry for him," says Antony, 33.
Gary told Briony she had made a big mistake marrying me
The other 2014 Companions were theatre director Adrian Jackson, Executive Director of the National Theatre Nick Starr, theatre designer Colin Richmond, lighting DESIGNERPATRICKWOODROFFE and professional dancer Briony Albert.
In fact, Atonement is not so much a novel as it is a fictional novel, written entirely by a fictional author, Briony Tallis, who is also the novel's main character.
The husband of High Road actress Briony McRoberts has told how his wife was "murdered by anorexia".
Fourteen-year-old Briony Hatch is obsessed with fantasy novels about Starling Black, an exorcist living in a dystopia.
Briony has tried all Starling Black's magic spells in her bedroom but they don't seem to be working.