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a light roll rich with eggs and butter and somewhat sweet

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If you are using a brioche loaf slice it in half lengthwise and, leaving the crust intact, scoop out the centre.
It took a few months, but Corner Bakery Cafe created the perfect bread - a brioche flatbread - to turn the classic Cobb salad into a signature sandwich.
Essentially, the building blocks are the same: a good home-baked brioche loaf, sliced and toasted, with lots of sliced fresh English strawberries, in their peak season.
Meanwhile, slowly fry the duck eggs on a low heat in a little olive oil leaving the yolks nicely runny so they will soak into the brioche when cut.
Spread the mascarpone mixture over the brioche slices to about 1cm/1/2in away from the edge.
cheese melts and brioche browns, top with salmon, then remaining
Cut brioche rolls in half and remove a little of the dough from one side creating a well.
A Brioche makes lovely breadcrumbs because of its sweetness.
Our first course was foie gras, caramelised apples and ginger bread together with brioche.
But on their own they are wonderful served on toasted brioche after being fried in butter with garlic and parsley.
50) and My Down Island French Toast with Curacao Scented Foie Gras, Griddled Brioche, Passion Fruit Caramel and Gingery Candied Lime Zest ($18.
Do save the centres for luxurious breadcrumbs or for Bill's excellent version of bread and butter pud made with brioche, orange and marmalade.
JAMIE WILLIAMS, Coventry's young chef at the exclusive Savoy Hotel in London, serves up Perfect Chicken and Pork Pate with Toasted Brioche.
Joe Trahern has joined the company as Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs, and effective July 27, Rudy Brioche joins the company as Senior Director of External Affairs and Public Policy Counsel.
1 Make the sandwich by placing the chocolate, mini-marshmallows and raspberries on a slice of brioche.