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Synonyms for briny

slightly salty (especially from containing a mixture of seawater and fresh water)


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The most common salts were magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate and sodium perchlorate, all of which are consistent with flowing briny water.
Water is also necessary for the existence of life as we know it, and on Earth, organisms adapt and thrive in extremely briny conditions.
For Tim, the town of Briny Deep has been the perfect place to grow up.
But if the season of eating, drinking and being merry leaves you with a desire to leap in the bracing briny here's where and when.
She plucks a note from the briny, and is determined to find the author, who turns out to be a ship-building widower (Kevin Costner, left).
Visitors can gear up for expeditions into the briny deep with a collection of maritime musts, including fishing rods, boats, diving equipment, and floating docks for when flying carpets are at the dry cleaners.
Briny water melting and freezing just underground could explain these seasonal landscape patterns, the team argues.
The best explanation we have for these observations so far is a flow of briny water, although this study does not prove that," said co-author Dr Alfred McEwen, from Arizona University.
The best explanation for these observations so far is the flow of briny water," said lead author Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona, Tucson.
Paper-thin slices of fresh raw swordfish are topped with briny capers, house-made lemon dressing and a touch of preserved lemon.
Summary: Scientists using electric and magnetic sensors have mapped the size and composition of a vast plume of hot rock and briny fluid down to 300 kilometers below Yellowstone National Park's surface, according to a new study soon to be published.
sandpiper and moping turtles, drab matinees with briny claw and musky
The judges rate contestants on their use of pirate language such as "Avast" and "argh matey", costume and the quality of their actual jump into the briny.
After an unexpected electrical storm turns the vessel upside down, Melissa and mates are stranded in the middle of the briny - until a liner mysteriously appears out of the mist.