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the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

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Prolonged political brinksmanship is inconsistent with that expectation.
As we are acutely aware, relations between many of the world's nations have become so hostile that a single misstep can turn political brinksmanship or a regional conflict into a global conflagration.
Whether it's arrogance or an opening bid in a game of immigration brinksmanship we don't know, but it is tone deaf.
Is it, as ever, Sisu playing brinksmanship with our club?
It went according to plan after a fascinating game of brinksmanship between the GC contenders on the testing final climb of Jenkin Road before they descended to the finish, where Italian Vincenzo Nibali took yellow - leaving Froome in fifth overall just two seconds off the pace.
According to the firm, the positive sentiment approaches the +43 of last May before the budget brinksmanship and partial government shutdown lowered investor optimism last fall.
There is no time for brinksmanship or gamesmanship.
This has led to speculation that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif may have been playing brinksmanship in an effort to portray himself back home as a tough negotiator.
Obamacare hasn't been significantly changed, a lot of pain has been inflicted on innocent Americans and, with this vote, we've all but assured the nation another round of brinksmanship after the first of the year.
White House spokesman Jay Carney said the deal reached by Senate leaders "achieves what's necessary" to reopen the government, remove the threat of default and move past brinksmanship.
Based on the CBO report, Republicans should abandon their debt-ceiling brinksmanship and join Democrats in making the hard, responsible choices of governing.
Of course, some of the frantic final scramble is down to brinksmanship.
It is also more than possible that Arsenal have been dealing in a bit of brinksmanship, notably with their A[pounds sterling]30 million offer for Luis Suarez.
If past is prologue," Kantrowitz says, "there will be more brinksmanship on February 28.
He said that Washington must increase the limit to pay its bills and that such brinksmanship would be 'absurd' and 'irresponsible'.