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the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

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North Korea should refrain from escalating its brinkmanship policies such as resuming processing of used nuclear fuel and launching ballistic missiles, to take advantage of the U.S.'s unpreparedness in military operations against Iraq.
'Some countries and media describe our recent measures as brinkmanship tactics and that is a silly allegation,' the North's state media said.
"I hope that the brinkmanship is just that because it's not acceptable to have the players withdrawn.
Do we match brinkmanship against brinkmanship like the gunfight at OK Corral?
Jamal DoumaniIs Benjamin Netanyahu involving Israel in a high stakes game of brinkmanship, pushing Palestinian leaders to the edge where ultimately they are left with no option but to take Israel to the International Criminal Court, which categorizes the transfer of civilians by an occupying power into occupied territory a war crime?
But Nicol said: "What France and England are doing is a bit of brinkmanship. I don't think they're saying we're definitely not doing the Heineken Cup as we know it next season.
THE Assembly could be set for a high stakes game of brinkmanship with First Minister Carwyn Jones attempting to call the bluff of the three opposition parties over his Government's stalled Budget.
The Cheshire car plant, which employs 2,200 workers, was caught up in the latest show of brinkmanship between the crisis-hit car manufacturer and European governments.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has accused Russia of engaging in Cold War brinkmanship through its threats to position nuclear weapons on its European border.
Significantly, the champion jockey then dashes to Kempton where he has a big chance on Brinkmanship (5.35).
That could lead to a game of brinkmanship, with Spurs likely to use Barcelona's growing interest to crank up a bidding war for Berbatov (right) but United are refusing to pay a premium on a player who cost pounds 10.9m from Bayer Leverkusen two seasons ago.
The authors of The Korean Conundrum: America's Troubled Relations with North and South Korea would prefer that we wash our hands of the peninsula and its knotty North Korean brinkmanship politics, retreat across the Pacific and let these tense, feuding cousins sort things out for themselves.
In reference to recent North Korean brinkmanship, Fukuda said at a session of the House of Councillors Budget Committee, ''I want to make a decision on whether to abrogate the declaration after considering the general situation a bit more.''
For months it has seemed that the Sky Blues, perpetual specialists in brinkmanship, were toying with a brink too far.
The game of brinkmanship played knowingly by both sides in prior years is being replaced by take it or leave it proposals made by the larger, financially strong corporate or institutional tenant.