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the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

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Brinkmanship is owned by Bridgend's Gill Owen and was making his chasing debut and Tim said: "I think he will make a good three-mile chaser.
Tim Vaughan has succeeded where other trainers have failed with Brinkmanship, who was winning for the second time since joining his yard
North Korea must immediately abandon this policy of brinkmanship that generates one crisis after another.
The brinkmanship is about money, not whether Longbridge is saved.
It is hoped the latest manoeuvring by the North Koreans is high-stakes brinkmanship.
That could lead to a game of brinkmanship, with Spurs likely to use Barcelona's growing interest to crank up a bidding war for Berbatov (right) but United are refusing to pay a premium on a player who cost pounds 10.
Tim Vaughan kept the Welsh flag flying when his top weighted Brinkmanship won the novice handicap hurdle under Richard Johnson.
It was a memorable day for Bridgend-based handler Tim Vaughan, because from his string of ten, he sent out his second winner of the day when Brinkmanship, ridden by Richard Johnson, trotted up by ten lengths in the novice handicap hurdle.
However, the Irishman's brinkmanship last night beat anything he did when he was at Parkhead.
I find this a bit rich when you consider that it is the antics of Labour over the European budget which is causing this uncertainty It's a pity they hadn't 'pulled out all the stops' to prevent Tony Blair's brinkmanship over the European budget which is what is putting Wales's funding in jeopardy.
There's a game of brinkmanship going on in Westminster today as the tuition fees debate nears its climax.
Democrats and Republicans alike are taking great risks in this game of brinkmanship.
By JAMES NURSEY BILLY DAVIES' brinkmanship with the Nottingham Forest board took a bizarre twist ahead of tomorrow's play-off first leg against Swansea.
With the clock ticking away to the start of the Flat season in March, if that's not brinkmanship, I don't what is.
Hartlepool coroner Malcolm Donnelly said: "I am not going to enter into the realms of speculation as to why someone would indulge in brinkmanship with the health of his child, but I'm satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that that's what happened and it's my verdict that Abbie was unlawfully killed.