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the relative proportion of salt in a solution


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Begona Ahm, owner of the family-run brininess, started Karoma in 1992 and began exporting two years ago.
Oysters by themselves "get kind of heavy on the palate after a while, with all that richness and brininess and sweet glycogen kind of flavor," he said.
You still get the brininess of the fish and the olive oil adds tremendous flavor."
There were enough fresh clams adding brininess. The Papardelle "Rosche Rosche" featured braised beef short ribs, free-range chicken and Italian fennel Sausage.
In general, he believes that white grape varietal-based sparklers made in the traditional method have a natural acidity and toastiness that cut through velvety sauces and cool down spiciness and work well with the brininess of a bivalve.
The oysters lend subtle overtones of salt and sea, and the caviars creamy texture creates a counterpoint to the brininess of the oysters."
The oysters are shucked per table (or per seat at the raw bar) so it takes a minute to arrive, but it's worth it when you can eat a freshly shucked oyster with all the brininess intact.
The brininess of the Spanish grape matches the salty sheep's milk of the Spanish cheese.
The natural acidity of the raw wheat and the brightness of the orange peel and spices play right into the brininess of steamed mussels and clams, and a touch of honeyed sweetness picks up on the same in lobster and crab.
A Pinot Noir-based blanc de noirs is more than a match for beef, and the wine's mix of sweetness, brininess, and spiciness works on all levels with the raisins, olives, cumin, and chile.
Those pairings work because, unlike more delicate seafood like sole, salmon and oysters have, respectively, distinctive richness and brininess that ups the ante on the flavor profile and broadens the playing field of suggested sippers.
Expect sweet-seeming peach and apricot flavors along with green apple and a note of minerality hinting at diesel fuel(a good thing) that echoes the brininess of the sea.
A light-sipping Gruner, with gentle lemon and appealing brininess (think seafood).