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Synonyms for bring


bring someone down: knock over

bring someone in

bring someone round: wake up

bring someone round: persuade

bring something back: bring to mind


bring something back: revive

bring something down: overturn

bring something down: reduce

bring something down: cut down

bring something in: produce

bring something out: publish

bring something out: emphasize

bring something up: mention


Synonyms for bring

to cause to come along with oneself

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

to achieve (a certain price)


bring around: to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

bring around: to cause to come back to life or consciousness

bring down: to cause to fall, as from a shot or blow

bring down: to bring about the downfall of

bring forth: to give birth to

bring in: to make as income or profit

bring off: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

bring out: to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

bring up: to take care of and educate (a child)


bring up: to put forward (a topic) for discussion

bring up: to call or direct attention to something

Synonyms for bring

References in classic literature ?
With his own ghostly voice he had exhorted me, on the sacred consideration of my filial duty and reverence towards him -- who might reasonably regard himself as my official ancestor -- to bring his mouldy and moth-eaten lucubrations before the public.
Your favourite newspaper brings you great puzzles every day and starting this week we're bringing you more.
Wisdom can bring you to the knowledge of God; joy brings you into the presence of God.
Cow Face Arms Pose brings flexibility as well as warmth into your shoulders so do it next several times without holding it for very long.
Our local team of 18 vets always brings home a ton of medals because they work hard all year in a regimented training program.
That economic clout often brings political clout, but it also brings responsibility to ensure that economic growth yields economic and social opportunities.
Unlike high-tech, splashy spectaculars like Cirque du Soleil's O, Charo brings back the old variety format, with its kaleidoscopic lineup of stand-up comedy, trapeze artists, ventriloquists, jugglers, and big dance numbers.
Betty Weinkle is a long distance runner and knows that yoga brings her a more balanced harmony of mind and body, bringing strength, flexibility and awareness.
Virtualization brings the SAN to functional parity with the Internet or switched telephone network by performing a series of tasks:
She shoots the first leg out, freezes both legs in position and rapidly brings the second leg down, and pauses in fifth position plie before starting again.
They should "look atone of their roles as being a massive network that really cares about peace, justice and compassion and brings a countervailing morality and ethic to the world.
Arguing with God" brings us into the world of the German Jewish merchant family, and specifically the world as seen through the eyes of Glikl.
New TigerAccess[TM] 1000 Standalone Managed 24-port 100BASE-BX + 2 Gigabit Combo Ports +2 Module Slots Switch Brings Cost-Effective, High-Speed Edge Connectivity for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications
Being able to do things that are fun--and I love him [looks at Lonnie]; he brings me joy.