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Synonyms for bring


bring someone down: knock over

bring someone in

bring someone round: wake up

bring someone round: persuade

bring something back: bring to mind


bring something back: revive

bring something down: overturn

bring something down: reduce

bring something down: cut down

bring something in: produce

bring something out: publish

bring something out: emphasize

bring something up: mention


Synonyms for bring

to cause to come along with oneself

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

to achieve (a certain price)


bring around: to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

bring around: to cause to come back to life or consciousness

bring down: to cause to fall, as from a shot or blow

bring down: to bring about the downfall of

bring forth: to give birth to

bring in: to make as income or profit

bring off: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

bring out: to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

bring up: to take care of and educate (a child)


bring up: to put forward (a topic) for discussion

bring up: to call or direct attention to something

Synonyms for bring

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Career Move was the first to go, breaking amateur rider Kate Harrison's nose and bringing down the Cawley-ridden Dapper Dan and the Sean Flanaganpartnered Session Or Ression.
Ross Perot, one of the strongest political third-party presidential candidates of the twentieth century, during his 1992 campaign predicted a "giant sucking sound" bringing down the U.
Dictated in January 1976 ( two months before his shock resignation ( it seethes with anger at the "purblind fanaticism" of loyalists he blamed for bringing down a power-sharing government at Stormont two years earlier.
But the person who was truly responsible for bringing down the USSR was Pope John Paul II with his support of Solidarity, his visits to Poland, his encouragement to people in Poland and elsewhere to rise up to demand rights and dignity.
This is the 4th time Iraqi fighters have succeeded in bringing down a US helicopter, but the first time there have been casualties.
Dissidents from around the world now traipse through the center's offices to see the film, Bringing Down a Dictator, which has been translated into several languages, significantly including Spanish, Farsi, and Chinese.
Considering the buzz surrounding Bringing Down The House, you might conclude that Martin's star is finally back in the ascendant.
You can also see Bringing Down the House (12A) later on the same night.
In addition, recruiters at UD are now traveling less (and bringing down travel budgets) because of electronic recruitment.
It is the band's first since the multi-million-selling Bringing Down the Horse in 1996, which established Jakob as a star.
June 19, 2006), data center automation is cited as a key recommendation for bringing down the cost of managing large numbers of physical and virtual servers.
Syndicate Bank (NSE: SYNDIBANK) executive director, Anjeneya Prasad, has stated that the bank is confident of bringing down the bulk deposit by INR71.
HDFC Bank has said that it has already reduced return on wholesale deposits and would shortly be bringing down deposit rates.
HEAVY thunderstorms and strong winds have pounded Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, tearing the roofs off homes and bringing down trees.
2 mm of rain, bringing down the temperature from 33.