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  • adj

Synonyms for up-to-date

informed about


  • informed about
  • up on
  • aware of
  • in touch with
  • familiar with
  • acquainted with
  • knowledgeable about
  • conversant with
  • au fait with
  • up to speed on
  • plugged-in to
  • au courant with

Synonyms for up-to-date

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for up-to-date

reflecting the latest information or changes

Related Words

in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style

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To cope with the changing demands of the media market, an array of web based platforms will be used to bring up-to-date news to supplement indepth analysis in print.
Master practitioner and mentor Khan packed 40 years of experience into this elegant, succinct and authoritative text, giving engineers who want to bring up-to-date techniques to outmoded systems plenty of techniques to plan, design and implement safe and efficient electrical power systems.
The PCA's objective is to bring up-to-date the 1985 framework agreement, under which EU-China relations are still governed today.
That means using the actual words (bring up-to-date as opposed to status), or at least defining the terms you're using.
Grahame knows the business inside out and I bring up-to-date management techniques and knowledge of running different businesses in different parts of the world.