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We bring together a team of executives from each of your function areas, and we develop a session focusing on the strategic priority of a successful launch.
Would you like to bring together ACPE members in your region?
They present events designed to bring together area entrepreneurs to learn about and discuss relevant topics.
Long Point Media, publishers of Over the Back Fence magazine, Lake Erie Living magazine and chamber directories, combines print, event and online services to bring together the area's most marketable audiences with the best business partners.
The Summit will bring together wine business leaders with deep knowledge of our industry to share perspectives on what this industry will look like in the next decade.
Gerard MESTRALLET also announces the launch of the new "Paris EUROPLACE Financial cluster", the goal of which is to bring together academics and professionals from the banking, the insurance and the asset management industries to foster research and development, and more particularly to:
IMS Applications and Services Event Will Bring Together Service Providers and Application Vendors
I am thrilled to bring together two organizations that have historically proven their dedication to advancing the ethics and compliance profession and the role of ethics and compliance in the marketplace," said Darcy.
Over the years, Eceptionist has worked with many organisations across the globe to bring together world-class medical professionals who choose to utilize web-based software applications to better enhance the business processes of their healthcare institutions.
This news follows the June 2006 announcement that TAG will hold its National Sales Training Seminar at SGMA Spring Market in June 2007, which will bring together TAG dealers' road sales professionals for education and training.
One session of the two-day forum will bring together retail analysts and CEOs of national retail chains on a panel to discuss their experiences adapting to inner city markets.