bring to bear

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bring into operation or effect

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So this small, very elite group, is intended to bring to bear all that the United States can bring to bear, in the way of intelligence, air power and so forth, to help these motivated, capable local forces," Carter told ABC News.
But we have reason for optimism that he will take a fresh look at how the attorney general's office manages various aspects of the condo market and bring to bear his experience in real estate and innate wisdom.
Bolster your confidence and diminish feelings of powerlessness by identifying the choices you have and the potency you bring to bear on the negotiations.
The plan is also a testament to the difference that a little pressure, correctly applied, can bring to bear.
VanLoh commented, "In addition to truly being a value-added partner to the management teams we back, many of the energy industry's highest caliber CEO's seek out Quantum because there is no other private equity firm that possesses the combination of technical, operational and financial talent that Quantum can bring to bear in helping them successfully build their businesses.
Those that thwart the collection process and don't pay their fines sometimes are the most flagrant violators of our parking laws, so any efficiency that we can bring to bear in bringing them to justice makes sense,'' he said.
The non-profit Rockefeller Foundation area on InnoCentive's scientific platform will bring to bear the talent of thousands of world-class scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs in solving the most pressing and complex humanitarian challenges posed by non-profit entities selected by the Foundation.