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Your ability to meet these expectations will depend on the amount of creativity and innovation you can bring to bear in the discharge of your responsibilities.
It was this experience she was able to bring to bear on those trusting and vulnerable people, picked up, used and then perhaps spat out by religious cults.
Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said: "It was designed to bring to bear full police powers to tackle the harm caused by underage drinking."
He said: "Team strategy is what you bring to bear to win a Grand Prix.
"Team strategy is what you bring to bear to win a grand prix; team orders are what you bring to bear to manipulate a grand prix," explained Dennis.
Holy Week is the best possible time to bring to bear on the consciousness of us all (ourselves, as well as our hearers) the notion of an alternative that, if taken as task, will turn our worldview and our values upside down.
But we have reason for optimism that he will take a fresh look at how the attorney general's office manages various aspects of the condo market and bring to bear his experience in real estate and innate wisdom.
Bolster your confidence and diminish feelings of powerlessness by identifying the choices you have and the potency you bring to bear on the negotiations.
Van der Slikke will work closely with Willis' Global Energy practice to bring to bear global resources to solve client problems.
'It is that spirit of refusing to take no for an answer that we must bring to bear in the fight for more nurseries, after-school clubs and holiday play schemes.
"The CPA profession has responded to these crises in a very decisive way to bring to bear its expertise regarding financial matters to help the victims.