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cause to adopt an opinion or course of action


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"We actually had patients in the chair at that time who we had to bring round.
Haideri said that those people were invited for talks that have no connection with this issue and stressed the need to bring round those angry Baloch who had perched on mountains.
We hope though we can bring round reconciliation," Happ added.
We hope though we can bring round a reconciliation."
If this does not bring round and unite the Albanian politicians, then the Albanians are uselessly saying that they have their own representatives in the Government," Vojnika concludes.
"On the other hand Israel has [neither] consented to the initiative so far nor has the US taken any steps to bring round Israel," the prince said.
Sources said that Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh tried his level best to bring round the Sindh government to Federal Governments terms on VAT implementation, but the MQM leadership had put its foot down and did not let the Sindh Government bow to the Federal Governments conditions on VAT.
Take another small length of yarn, slide between two cardboard circles between cut yarn edges and bring round in a circle draw up tightly and tie in a knot.
Either Mr Johnson was rather too young in 1997, or he chooses to forget the terrible state that his party left the country in, which took 12 years of Margaret Thatcher to bring round. And when she left office she left the country with a sound financial structure.
Last night's vote followed what MPs described as one of the most intensive lobbying operations in years, with weeks of cajoling and arm-twisting by ministers to bring round waverers on the Labour benches.
"I will bring the red carpet to your door, a bottle of champagne, supply the photographer and even bring round the popcorn," said Goldberg.
You can't say no to your parents when they bring round their laptop especially to show you the special slideshow.
Life-saving equipment was stolen from an ambulance as paramedics battled to bring round a man who had collapsed.
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