bring home the bacon

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And they bring home the bacon, too, with annual salaries ranging from $26,000 to $1 million.
The Danes are around 3-1 and should be backed to bring home the bacon.
The money was spot on with Crawley, who opened up at 33-1 before walking the division, and Fleetwood were backed from 12-1 into 5-1 favouritism, but this time it's a more obvious side who are expected to bring home the bacon.
Finally, take Inverness at 15-8 to bring home the bacon from St Mirren (6-4).
CANYON COUNTRY - Seventh-grader Delia Nazario says her mom needs to bring home the bacon, and she doesn't mind if that means she's left to care for her 5-year-old sister after school.
In a speech to the party's post-election conference in Cardiff Mr Morgan talked of the need to bring home the bacon after being given a mandate by the electorate.
I'm as heartbroken as any other Irish sports fan that Drico and the lads didn't bring home the bacon.
SKANE MEADOWS (T6) took a flier in the heats and looks the value call in a wide-open decider to bring home the bacon for trainer Julie Calvert.
Soon we will see who has the stones to bring home the bacon.
Yesterday, the former Govan shipyard worker said: "I wanted to express what we do on a daily basis and the thing everybody does is bring home the bacon.
Isn't this the same Mrs Hewitt who in 1990 put together a pamphlet with Harriet Harman called The Family Way which advocated the death of the traditional family and attacked stay-at-home mums saying the idea that men should bring home the bacon and women bring up the kids was an outdated concept.
WE recently turned the corner from the time of the annual positioning by our elected officials and entered the time of the passage of the state budget, also known as the race to bring home the bacon.
If Cllr Nolan and his team can bring home the bacon, no-one would begrudge them their few days in the sun.