bring around

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  • verb

Synonyms for bring around

cause to adopt an opinion or course of action


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provide a cure for, make healthy again

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"I'd also bring around my then boyfriend, to see what he thought of them."
Bristol City are expected to bring around 2,000 fans to South Wales to created what should be a ferocious atmosphere.
WORK was due to start on the world's largest biofuels producing complex, expected to bring around 45 jobs to Teesside.
M Hayes will bring around 100 highly-skilled case managers to the existing 1,600 Genex experts, the buyer said.
Peel, which runs the Port of Liverpool, says the project could bring around 1,000 extra jobs to the area but MMAAPP claims there is brownfield land nearby which could be used instead.
The third air bridge consists of 16 planes which will bring around 604 tons of aid,
Thus, launch of oil refineries in Kara-Balta and Tokmok, as well as enterprises at the deposits of Bozymchak, Taldybulak Levoberezhnyi and Ishtamberdy will bring around 8-9 billion som ($148-167 million) to the budget," Sarpashev added.
The Vice-Chancellor said a sustainable system has been evolved to bring around one million such children in the education net within next three years, for achieving the desired target, similar schools will be set-up in every nook and corner of the country, initially this facility will be available at eight districts of the country.
It's estimated the Ryder Cup will bring around PS100million into the Scottish economy.
"This would help bring around 100 engines back on track within next few months," says the report.
Hopefully, this will bring around higher earnings, but the outlook is unlikely to support a joyride similar to that of last year.
The business will bring around 4.8 million customers to the Co-op, meaning the combined business will have around a seven per cent share of the current account market.
"The results indicated the speakers' abilities to stimulate the audience and involve them in planning for a bright future for ADHD patients," said Al-Yamani, stressing her confidence that by the end of the program, results would bring around a new generation of leaders in health care.
Joe Hoobyar, president of Volkswagen of Orland Park, Ill., stated that the new dealership would bring around 30 new jobs in town.
The flotation, seen to bring around USD1bn (EUR767.4m), will likely take place in the first half of 2012.