bring around

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Synonyms for bring around

cause to adopt an opinion or course of action


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provide a cure for, make healthy again

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Peel, which runs the Port of Liverpool, says the project could bring around 1,000 extra jobs to the area but MMAAPP claims there is brownfield land nearby which could be used instead.
The entire scheme would bring around 40 jobs, compared to eight that are currently working at the garage.
WORK was due to start on the world's largest biofuels producing complex, expected to bring around 45 jobs to Teesside.
A FLIGHT that was supposed to bring around 160 passengers to Bahrain and Doha on Friday had still not left India yesterday.
DOVER Athletic hope to bring around 1,500 supporters to Huddersfield for next month's FA Cup third-round tie.
It is believed that the acquisition would bring around USD1.
The Presidential Inaugural Committee may bring around 45 million dollars for the celebrations while the federal government handed out 49 million dollars - making the super bash costing nearly 100 million dollars.
The approved plans, which will bring around pounds 50 million worth of investment into the area, is focused around the creation of a new public square.
I'm hopeful that different studios and hardware manufacturers will come to the party and help bring around a united single format.
Budget airlines are expected to bring around 340,000 tourists to Hungary this year, increasing direct revenues from tourism by EUR90m (USD120m).
supplier, Hazeldene, is set to bring around 25 jobs to the area after being given the green light for a [pounds sterling]1.
Tugay said six luxurious ships would bring 17,182 tourists to Marmaris in April, and Costa Pacifica would organize two cruises to Marmaris and bring around 7,500 tourists.
Each of the sides tried to achieve the best possible outcome for itself since each party needs to answer to its public and its demands, Senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan said on Tuesday, quoted in the newspaper 'Palestine' said that Israel's extreme position regarding the deal has become significantly more flexible in light of Hamas' resoluteness regarding its position and demands, Last week PNN reported that Hamas senior official Abu Marzouk believed that the internal situation in Israel, as protestors demanding social reforms continue to pile pressure on the government in the many 'tent cities' springing up around the country, will help bring around fertile ground for the renewal of the prisoner swap deal.
He will have dual attachment to Oxford, and will bring around 20 dogsas he replaces the departed Mark Barlow.
This would help bring around 100 engines back on track within next few months," says the report.