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Synonyms for bring


bring someone down: knock over

bring someone in

bring someone round: wake up

bring someone round: persuade

bring something back: bring to mind


bring something back: revive

bring something down: overturn

bring something down: reduce

bring something down: cut down

bring something in: produce

bring something out: publish

bring something out: emphasize

bring something up: mention


Synonyms for bring

to cause to come along with oneself

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

to achieve (a certain price)


bring around: to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

bring around: to cause to come back to life or consciousness

bring down: to cause to fall, as from a shot or blow

bring down: to bring about the downfall of

bring forth: to give birth to

bring in: to make as income or profit

bring off: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

bring out: to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

bring up: to take care of and educate (a child)


bring up: to put forward (a topic) for discussion

bring up: to call or direct attention to something

Synonyms for bring

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The Bring Me A Book Foundation(R) is a 501 (c) (3) award winning literacy non profit headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
Continue drawing your outer upper left arm back as you bring your left armpit chest forward.
Bring to a simmer, stirring constantly, until the mixture is light caramel in color and is thick, about one hour.
Betty Weinkle is a long distance runner and knows that yoga brings her a more balanced harmony of mind and body, bringing strength, flexibility and awareness.
To respond is actually no more than to be with the person or the situation, to bring our whole selves into that moment.
Virtualization brings the promise of "just in time" responsiveness.
Following an outbreak of atrocities in January of this year, the council worked to bring about the peace talks which resulted in the July accord between the government and the Revolutionary United Front.
Lawyers and social workers say foreign workers are now even less likely to come forward to bring legal action because they fear that--even if they win their case--they will be deported.
Davis' goal, in her own words, is to bring attention to these women whose "stories reveal other possibilities in the seventeenth century, as they carved out their novel ways of living on the margins.
Priced to bring Fiber to the Home for bandwidth and speed at under $200 per port, the new SMC7824M/FSW is available now to ISPs and Integrators who want to enhance service offerings and revenue opportunities--as well as customer satisfaction--with reliable, high-speed, versatile edge connectivity.
His ``Tap Dance Kid'' conquered the worlds of jazz and hip-hop long ago, showing us how to ``Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk.
Kim (Atlanta, GA): Three things that bring me joy: waking to see another day, the smell of freshly cut grass and wearing a new pair of high heels around the house
The court held that the mother lacked standing to bring the [section] 1983 action because she brought the action in her individual capacity rather than as representative of her son's estate.
It's a lot more difficult to bring in your common ingredients and do something with it to make it noble," Sherman believes.
PHILADELPHIA -- Officials from the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB), Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority, and regional partners announced yesterday a new meetings and conventions campaign called "Bring it Home" to encourage local business leaders to bring, or keep, meetings and conventions in the Philadelphia area.