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Synonyms for brindled

Synonyms for brindled

having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring

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The strange fact about pale brindled beauties is that the females are completely wingless.
Ralph Taylor, Assistant Curator at the National Museum of Natural History, examined faded brindled madtom specimens collected by Jordan and other biologists in the upper Tennessee drainage and discover a new species--the yellowfin madtom (Noturus flavipinnis).
|When motorist Mark Stockdale locked himself out of his car at Outlane, he trapped his brindled boxer dog, Buster, inside with the engine running.
two thousand hours drawing walnut's brindled light,
Dropping the tailgate, he pulled out his young world champion King Bud, a racy, brindled, bob-tailed, 45-pound squirrel dog.
A massive wooly white, looking like a Charolais-Hereford cross, scrapes dirt with a huge hoof while a big brindled, loose-skinned Brahma-mix stands staring off into the night, perhaps contemplating murder.
It would break my heart if future consecrated persons are denied their vocation because they put on brindled humanity.
There was a fishy flavour to the milk, too, which I could not at all account for, till one morning happening to take a stroll along the beach among some fishermen's boats, I saw Hosea's brindled cow feeding on some fish remnants, and marching along the sand with each foot in a cod's decapitated head, looking very slip-shod, I assure ye.
The brindled Staffordshire bull terrier has not yet been traced.
Nishimura, "Histochemical localization of copper in various organs of brindled mice after copper therapy," Pathology International, vol.
He was looking at three magnificent hounds leashed by a herald next to the King, one tawny-red, one brindled, one blue.
On the moonlit lawn sat an opossum with brindled fur and a harlequin-shaped face, and it hissed at them, showing its pointy teeth.
stramineus), bluntnose minnow (Pimephales notatus), channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), and brindled madtom (Noturus miurus).
For example, our Lady of Purity says, "With my robes I cover the speckled hen's eggs and the brindled sea shell; I cover vice and poverty.
"It's the most beautiful wildebeest in all of Africa," said Vicki softly, stroking the brindled coat of a bull that had eluded her for several days.