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having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring

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His wife was key to the crimes helping persuade the girls to pose, drugging them and then manipulating their naked limbs so Brindle could film the shocking abuse.
Provo Boyle was jailed for an unsuccessful "hit" on South London crime figure Tony Brindle, who had already seen his brother murdered in the fight for control of the drugs trade.
For example, when Gage was the outside accountant for Brindle Products, his firm prepared quarterly payroll tax returns and interim financial statements.
Brindle said they follow the circus from stop to stop to tell people about what they feel is abusive treatment of circus animals.
TSgt Brindle continued to monitor the fire bottle in case the fire flared back up before the Fire Department arrived.
Brindle, a noted London historian, provides commentary on how the city has evolved over the last 60 years, and these historical images are compared with modern counterparts to document the astounding amount of progress over the decades.
Brandon Riehl hit Chip Brindle on lap 112 and brought out a caution period with 13 laps to go in the race.
Shades of Brindle is the name of a special supplement detailing the not-so-glorious history of Brindle, Oregon, a small town beset by mysterious occurrences, including an unexplained reoccurring cold blast and the disappearance of young girls.
Brindle "served as chief underwriting officer in John Charman's highly successful Lloyd's Syndicate 488 and 2488 (Charman Underwriting Agencies) in the 1990s.
By Steven Brindle (introduction by Dan Cruickshank).
It doesn't matter whether you're straight, gay, black, white, or brindle," he said.
Clare Connor's side lost four quick wickets in their pursuit of the 75-run target, but Arran Brindle and Lydia Greenway held on for England's first Test win over Australia since 1984.
In Original Bliss, for example, when Helen Brindle and Edward Gluck have sex, It's almost a triumphant act.
TOUR MATCH (Potchesfstroom) England Women 414-3 (Taylor 166 no, Brindle 131) bt Gauteng/ NW Women 46 by 368 runs.
Miss Brindle Cow helps a comical crew of stranded wedding participants navigate a wooded path.