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Synonyms for brim

Synonyms for brim

the projecting rim on the front of a cap

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

Synonyms for brim

the top edge of a vessel or other container

a circular projection that sticks outward from the crown of a hat

be completely full

Related Words

fill as much as possible

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The term "cap"--actually defining a brimless head-covering that is worn outdoors--is unsuitable to describe the ceremonial hats worn--often indoors--by Tibetan masters belonging to various religious traditions.
"Even in Skippy," his father mused, "in Skippy where he wears himself a cap he makes sure--only a brimless."
Most of the older buildings have elegant Turko-Persian style balconies decorated with floral filigree work, and men wearing doppas--small four- or five-cornered brimless embroidered hats--sit on benches in the street smoking water pipes and eating grilled skewers of meat.But Chinese officials insist Xinjiang was historically part of China until the Soviet Union briefly helped separatists create East Turkestan in the 1930s.Part of the reason China is tightening its grip on Xinjiang is its growing strategic importance.
Available in the late 1980s, it conveniently doubled as a rainproof brimless cap or as a watertight drinking cup.
turban or fez (a brimless, cone-shaped, flat-topped hat made of felt).
Even today, for added freedom of movement while working in the fields or crossing rivers, males often remove their so-called pants even though they are no more than leggings.) A small nearly brimless hat of white felt with a narrows band of colorful weaving plus sandals, coca bag, and a poncho of dark stripes complete the outfit.
Two figures face each other beneath a street lamp, one the artist himself in suit and bowler, the other a grossly disfigured veteran, wearing the familiar brimless cap of the German enlisted man at the time of World War I.
It consisted of a piece of cloth large enough to cover my entire body that was sewn to a finely embroidered, brimless hat.
The proprietor thinks 'as it is fine he shall.' A stage Irishmen in the regulation brimless white hat and knee cords, a shillelagh in his hand and a dancing dog at his side, gives them a 'goodnight' as he sallies forth to earn a crust by singing and dancing in the public house.'
Turbans had become popular by the fifteenth century in Europe, as had the hennin--a high, coneshaped woman's headdress resembling a brimless "witch's hat."
It made sense that he, who had impersonally machine-gunned thousands of Germans in their spiked helmets or brimless cockaded caps, should now be dealing in even bigger numbers, not so much to count as to confront himself with some interminable vastness that would dwarf him and his doings.
Perhaps the most famous was when Ataturk banned the wearing of the fez in public; the brimless fez was traditionally worn by Muslim men so they could touch their forehead to the ground when they prayed.